Thursday, October 1, 2015

Movie Review: Hood Angels

Hood Angels a.k.a Cool Angels
York Pictures Inc., Urban Girl Productions Inc., USA, 2003.
Three women are arrested for beating up some scum. Felicia (Kita Sha) is a bikini model. She is arrested for assaulting group of creeps who tried to force her into topless photos. Cinnamon (Kenia Brown) is arrested when she defends her brother Snitch (Michael Anthony Scott) and beats up a thug. Traci (Allison Nurse) attacks a gang member (Lee Anthony Marks) who went gone overboard and almost beat up a car thief to death.
Kita Sha
Kenia Brown
Allison Nurse
Rapper Chris 'Nitro' Jones (Juvenile) meets his old lawyer friend Larry 'Bling Bling' Washington (Ajmal). Nitro wants Larry to take care of his sister Cinnamon if Nitro dies. Well what do you know, soon Nitro is murdered.
Chris 'Nitro' Jones
Larry Washington
The record company Murder Boi has a field day as Nitro's records sell like hot cakes. Record company boss J Day (Layon Gray) is blackmailed by Lt. Gallo (Charles D. Allen). Gallo wants money so he will leave the record company outside the murder investigations. However this blackmailing has no effects on the rest of the story.
Layon Gray
J  Day
Erica Goings
Baby Boy
The other artists and possible gainers from Nitro's murder are rappers Shayla (Erica Goings) and Baby Boy (Skip) and chief financial officer Keefer (Derrick Bishop). To succeed as a rapper in Murder Boi you must have a set of gold teeth. Lejon the mail room clerk (Ronko Moore) brings to mind Marlon Wayans (unfortunately). There is also a guy in suit named Lamioner (Darrick Collins). I mean the guy is named Lamioner, not the suit. I don't know, maybe he is the record company's bodyguard or something.
Derrick Bishop
Darrick Collins
Ronko Moore
The three ladies start to work for Larry. **Cough** "Charlies Angels." Their first case is finding the murderer of Nitro. They get undercover jobs at J Day's firm. It is a dangerous task as all the men in the firm are lusting after the Hood Angels. Luckily the record company has not invested in any acoustic insulation so it is easy to eavesdrop through the paper thin walls. Apparently Murder Boi is laundering money and Nitro was killed for finding it out.
Allison Nurse and Kenia Brown
Kita Sha
The sound quality is bad, often the traffic noise overwhelms the dialogue. The acting is terrible and you see better action choreography in Friday night grill kiosk queue. The script makes absolutely no sense. The making of featurette has higher production values than the actual film. The DVD-cover looks badly Photoshopped and none of the heroines use guns of nunchakus. It is hard to understand if the makers were serious about the film as it looks like something that a group of friends would put together during a weekend.
Rating: Very bad

Starring: Juvenile, Kenia Brown, Allison Nurse, Kita Sha, Derrick Bishop (as Armont Casale), Erica Goings, Layon Gray, Ajmal, Skip, Charles D. Allen, Darrick Collins, Alton Demore, Dixon Edwards, Ronko Moore, Guy Brody, Tony Spann, Jacquoline Hilton, Karlissa A. Harvery, Thomas Carlton, Lee Anthony Marks, Vic White, Clifton Nelson, Cedric Wynn, Kyona Levine, Michael Anthony Scott
Director: Paul Wynne


  1. Pääosassa Juvenile. Kuinka osuvaa.

    1. Näköjään miekkonen pitikin sitten 7 vuotta taukoa ennen kuin jatkoi elokuvauraansa Christopher Walkenin ja Christian Slaterin tähdittämässä "Power of Few":ssa. Jostakin kumman syystä hän ei silloisissa haastatteluissa maininnut mitään esiintymisestään tässä.


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