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Movie Review: Cyber Tracker 2

Cyber Tracker 2 a.k.a CyberTracker 2
PM Entertainment Group, USA, 1995.
CyberTracker 2 title
The story continues some time after the first "Cyber Tracker." Eric (Don 'The Dragon' Wilson) works now as undercover cop, arresting gun traffickers. When the shooting starts he gets backup help from new and improved Cyber Tracker #9 (Jim Maniaci) that looks like "Robocop." Then Eric takes kickboxing match against laughing maniac named Pruitt (Nils Allen Stewart Sr.). 
Stacie Foster and Don 'The Dragon' Wilson
Connie & Eric
Jim Maniaci
Cyber Tracker #9
Nils Allen Stewart
Security computer Agnes 5000 (Peggy McIntaggart) or is it 3000 (both numbers can be seen in different occasions)  welcomes Eric home. Eric married reporter Connie (Stacie Foster) but she is a busy career woman. Connie is on the trails of stolen cyber technology. Jared (Steve Burton) is her working partner. Weird, I thought Jared died in the prequel. Oh Well, somehow he survived the explosion. Eric works also as a part-time martial arts instructor, young student Amanda (Eboni Adams) trains using virtual reality system (geez the computer graphics of the 1995 were terrible). 
Peggy McIntaggart
Steve Burton
Nice day takes a tragic turn when Connie murders Governor Quincy (Dave Aranda-Richards). New governor Rhodes (Stephen Rowe) orders the police to send basic model Cyber Tracker (Jim Maniaci) after her. So basically nothing that the rebels fought against in the first part has changed. However the real murderer is a cyborg and real Connie is held hostage. She escapes only to be almost executed by Cyber Tracker.
Tony Burton
Stephen Rowe and Kathryn Atwood
Rhodes and Blair (Kathryn Atwood)
John Kassir
Behind the murder are Paris Morgan (Anthony De Longis), mysterious Miss Kessel (Athena Massey) and rogue scientist Ruben (Christopher Boyer) who are creating cyborg assassins who can look like anyone. Explosive expert Tripwire, (John Kassir) old friend of Jared and Connie gives Eric and his friends a shelter in an old church. Police chief Swain (Tony Burton) hacks into Morgan's computer and finds something devious. The bad guys are building a cyborg more powerful than Cyber Tracker: Super Tracker (Peter Kent)!
Anthony De Longis and Christopher Boyer
Paris Morgan and Ruben
Athena Massey
Unfinished cyborg
Cyber Tracker 2" has even more explosive action scenes and more wacky humour than in the prequel. Most of the budget probably went to exploding cars. However some money is saved by recycling some footage from the prequel. There is cool cyborg vs cyborg action and car stunts using real vehicles and not some crappy CGI. Delightfully random moments are present throughout the film, what's with Tripwire's C4 potato heads? At one point Don 'The Dragon' Wilson even battles against himself! The middle part of the story with police station massacre and car chases looks a lot like "Terminator" (the chases seem even to be filmed in the same parts of L.A.) and the ending has "Terminator 2" moment. So it is quite fun if you remember to turn your brain off.
Standard equipment with Hummer
Older model Cyber Tracker

Microphone makes guest appearance at 1:19:12.

Rating: Good (as a cheap cyborg-film)

Starring: Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, Stacie Foster, Tony Burton, Jim Maniaci, Anthony De Longis, John Kassir, Stephen Rowe, Steve Burton, Stephen Quadros, Christopher Boyer, Nils Allen Stewart, Peggy McIntaggart, Kathryn Atwood, Athena Massey, Peter Kent, Sid Sham, Vincent DePalma, Frank Uzzolino, Dave Aranda-Richards, Christopher Kriesa, Chucky 'Lee' Currie, Fred Holliday, Billy Ray Orme, Eboni Adams, Jefferson Wagner, Caroline Kim, Helene M. White, Anthony Backman 
Director: Richard Pepin

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