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Movie Review: Captain America II: Death Too Soon

Captain America II: Death Too Soon
Universal Television, USA, 1979.

Steve Rogers (Reb Brown) is expressing his artistic skills by drawing portraits. As his alter ego Captain America he saves grannies from muggers. Soon a bigger task appears as microbiology Professor Ilson (Christopher Cary) has gone missing. Steve's friend Dr. Simon Mills (Len Birman) asks Steve's help as it seems that notorious terrorist Miguel (Christopher Lee) has kidnapped him. 
You can run but you can't hide from Captain America!
Christopher Lee
Ilsen was researching aging processes and invented a chemical that accelerates aging. Captain America has to find Miguel's secret base before the whole USA goes to early retirement. Following tracks of chemical shipments Steve ends up in a small town where everyone is rude and eager to drive Steve away. The only friends he gets are widow Helen Moore (Katherine Justice) and her son Peter (John Waldron). 
Katherine Justice and John Waldron
Helen and Peter
Peter's pet lamb dies of old age so Steve knows that Miguel is nearby. Dr. Wendy Day is trying to find antidote for the poison. Heather Menzies from the previous movie did not continue as Wendy so the actor was changed to Connie Sellecca. As Estonian singer Niki would say: 'Blondist brünetiks.'
Connie Sellecca
Dr. Wendy
Reb Brown
Captain America!
The prequel suffered from slack pacing but a lot has been learned from the mistakes. Now the story feels more superheroic and entertaining. It has also plenty of nostalgically campy scenes as when Captain throws motorcycle over the wall. Captain America does again some crazy motorcycle stunts and punches bad guys in the face. Captain's design has improved and he has a new mask. His motorcycle has learned new tricks. Although playing basically a Bond villain here, Christopher Lee is more sinister villain than the one in first movie. Miguel's plot to spray a city with pro-ageing gas reminds of later attempt involving Joker and Smilex gas.
Natalie Wood's sister Lana Wood has a small role as Miguel's henchwoman Yolanda.

Rating: Good

Starring: Reb Brown, Connie Sellecca, Len Birman, Christopher Lee, Katherine Justice, Christopher Cary, William Lucking, Stanley Kamel, Ken Swofford, Lana Wood, Arthur Rosenberg, William Mims, Alex Hyde-White, Lachelle Chamberlain, Susan French, John Waldron, Timothy O'Hagan
Director: Ivan Nagy


  1. Christopher Lee ja Reb Brown tekivät tämän jälkeen vielä kertaalleen leffan keskenään, eli Howling II:sen, joka sekin on omalla kehnolla tavallaan hyvinkin viihdyttävä tuotos.

    1. Ja harmillisesti tuo kakkonen puuttuu satunnaisista osista koostetusta Howling-lootastani.


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