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Movie Review: Kangaroo Jack

Kangaroo Jack
Castle Rock Entertainment, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Warner Bros., USA, Australia, 2003. 

Mob-boss Sal's (Christopher Walken) step-son Charlie (Jerry O'Connell) works as a hairdresser (but he is totally straight, as he desperately tries to prove). His rascally friend Louis (Anthony Anderson) gets him into a trouble with transporting stolen televisions. The gig leads to police raid on Sal's warehouse full of stolen stuff, oops. To pay back the damages to Sal, the duo must travel to Australia to deliver a shady envelope to Mr. Smith (Marton Csokas).
Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson
Charlie, Jack an Louis
Christopher Baker and Marton Csokas
Crumble (Christopher Baker) and Smith
When they hit a kangaroo with their car, they decide to take some funny photos with a dead kangaroo. But karma repays the body desecration as the kangaroo is alive and escapes wearing Louis' hoodie. Kangaroo Jack becomes the richest kangaroo in Australia as the envelope was in the pocket. Well mates, better to get the envelope back before Unca Sal gets mad. Curvy Wildlife Veterinarian Jessie (Estella Warren) and bushman Blue (Bill Hunter) help, the former being the romantic interest for Charlie (because he is straight, remember? Get stuffed, Louis.) and the later being your standard comical Australian geezer. 
Bill Hunter
Estella Warren
The beginning feels like classic coming-to-age comedies of 1980-90s, but the story soon degenerates to generic buddy comedy. There's nothing wrong with stupid comedies if the jokes are funny, but here they often aren't. Too much tired toilet jokes and fringe worthy ones about CGI kangaroo imitating a hip hopper. Not surprisingly, Jerry O'Connell won Favorite Fart in a Movie Award at Kids' Choice Awards. At its best the flick has slapstick chases à la Roadrunner.

Originally this was planned as mobster comedy, but then toned to family movie. This time producer Jerry Bruckheimer is wide of the mark as the unevenness makes some jokes too crude for kids and others too childish for adults. The animal in the title has surprisingly little screen time. At least in the end it has some sentimental stuff about friendship.
Going native
Rating: Bad

Starring: Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren, Christopher Walken, Marton Csokas, Dyan Cannon, Michael Shannon, Bill Hunter, David Ngoombujarra, Marco Sellitto, Damien Fotiou, Christopher James Baker, Ryan Gibson, Denise Roberts, Antonio Vitiello, Mario Di Ienno, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Robert Reid, Shawn H. Smith, Brian Casey, Emma Jane Fowler, Helen Thomson, John McNeill, Paul Wilson, David Walsman, Lara Cox, Terrell Dixon, John Gibson, Nick Jasprizza, Luke Bolland, Melissa Cretney, Adam Garcia, Chris Sullivan, David Utsler Director: David McNally

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