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Movie Review: Action Man: Robot Atak

Action Man: Robot Atak a.k.a Action Man: Robot Attack
Hasbro, Arcana Digital, USA, 2004.

Action Man started his career as a British licensed version of G.I. Joe. As a kid I didn't play with Action Man toys. For me Masters of the Universe-series was the thing.

Super criminal No Face disguises himself as Action Man and kidnaps Professor Moran and Kongo the Gorilla. Also a moustached robot army is attacking. Action Man becomes fugitive and he suspects that Dr. X is behind the mischiefs. Dr. X bought the farm in some previous adventure, but No Face has turned him into a cyborg. A.M. and his friends Indian tracker Red Wolf and surfer dude Flynt have to break into their own base to get their equipment. Luckily Action Man is the toughest guy there is and the guards barely notice anything. A.M. should train his guards better.
Action Man and Red Wolf
No Face has kidnapped Professor Moran.
Then the team jumps around the world fighting evil robots and trying to ruin Dr. X's plot (as Action Force is the only special operations team in the world). In one absurd scene Action Man has to fight a strongman robot in a boxing ring while robot audience is cheering. Because every evil genius has to have a boxing ring in his lair.
Dr. X
I must break you
The Finnish dub was funny to listen to for the over dramatic voice acting.  Especially Red Wolf sounded very dead serious. Non-Finnish readers will not get this but Dr X's voice actor sounded like evil version of Finnish comedy character Jukka Emil Vanaja. 
Power hug!
The film was made for marketing the current line of A.M. toys and also a game for Nintendo Gameboy was made. Cheap looking action movie finds its audience from little boys whose mums will most likely consider it too violent and noisy. This is a stupid movie but luckily made tolerable by some unintentional comedy and amusing dialogue. The action scenes look quite awkward. The plot is generic and struggles to fill the 45 minutes. It had just enough story for an regular length Saturday morning cartoon episode and the detached segments are weakly tied together. For undemanding Action Man fans only.
Action Man
Rating: Bad

Voice actors: Finnish cast: Iku Viitanen, Markus Blom, Pauli Virta, Ossi Ahlapuro, Bruno Lähteenmäki, Arto Nieminen, Elise Langenoja. English cast: Steven Berkoff, Johnny Duakes, Pierre Maubouche, Eric Meyers, Oliver Milburn, Talia Shively, Jesse Spencer
Directors: Steven Burch, John Moffett, Chris Woods

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