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Movie Review: Barbie A Perfect Christmas

Barbie A Perfect Christmas 
Barbie Entertainment, Technicolor, USA, 2011. 

Christmas is coming and Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea are going to a rock concert in New York. In the spirit of modern times Skipper is a blogger. She also composes songs and wants that some band would play them but she will not let Barbie help. Stormy weather causes trouble and their flight has to land at Rochester. They have continue the trip by car. They get lost and end up in small Tannenbaum Inn. Perky Inn keeper Christie Clauson welcomes them to Christmas party. 
Skipper & Barbie
Going to Tannenbaum Inn
Christie Clauson
There are also elves, well not actually. There are just neighbours named the Elifs. They are strangely lot interested in wrapping gifts though. The girls play with dogs, play snow games and arrange a concert. 
This is not going to end well
Barbie tries to be optimistic but can she promise a perfect Christmas to her sisters if they can't get to New York? There is also rivalry between the sisters, as Skipper wants to be as perfect as Barbie and Chelsea is being overlooked by Stacie. 

It is a cutesy Christmas movie. Cheesy too, but that comes with the premise. This Barbie-story comes with a message about being together with close ones on Christmas. Extra cuteness points are given to doggies with antlers! And... A SQUIRREL! It's fun for kids probably, cute and nice Christmas entertainment for them. But for an older viewer the story is too mild to rise above an average Barbie film.
There is also a short film "Barbie: A Camping We Will Go." Barbie and her sisters go to forest and their dog Taffy makes friends with a skunk.
But where is Ken? He wasn't mentioned in either of Barbie's Christmas movies.

Rating: Average

Voice actors: Diana Kaarina, Jennifer Waris, Rachel Harrison, Nevada Brandt, Lauren Lavoie, Danielle Bessler, Ashlyn Drummond, Lucia Vecchio, Maryke Hendrikse, Allie Feder, Aidan Drummond, Alistair Abell, Patricia Drake, Chiara Zanni


  1. Vaikka luulisi juurikin muovisen tietokoneanimoinnin olevan ideaalia Barbien kohdalla, niin minusta nämä tietokoneistetut Barbie-animaatiot ovat tosi creepyn näköisiä. Mutta aikoinaan julkaistiin sellaista Barbie-sarjakuvalehteä jossa piirrosten sijaan ruudut koostuivat puhekuplin varustetuin valokuvatuista Barbie-nukeista ja se oli aika hauskan näköistä.

    1. Tiedä sitten onko hahmodesign menossa parempaan vai huonompaan suuntaan, ainakin kansikuvien peruseella tuntuu että uudemmissa on haettu mallia Disneyn vastaavista. Mutta ainakin Suuren Pentuseikkailun kansi oli aika uncanny.

      Sarjakuva valokuvatuista leluista kuulostaa vekkulilta.


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