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The Kurt Russell Blogathon Special: Overboard (1987)

Overboard (1987)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Star Partners, Hawn / Sylbert Movie Company, USA, 1987.

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Carpenter Dean Proffitt (Kurt Russell) is hired to build cabinets in a luxury yacht. Snobby, picky and bored rich heiress Joanna Stayton (Goldie Hawn) is not satisfied with the completed work and refuses to pay. She rudely pushes unlucky Dean overboard. Luckily the harbour is near.
Kurt Russell
Goldie Hawn
Joanna (not) enjoying rich life
Karma strikes back soon as Joanna falls into sea and loses her memory. Her husband Grant (Edward Herrmann) uses the opportunity by abandoning her into the hospital. "Never seen her!" says Grant and proceeds to have wild parties in the yacht. Dean sees Joanna's face in the TV and plans to get a bit payback by disguising as her husband. Luxury live is changed to living in Dean's shack with his kids. Joanna is renamed Annie and has to do her share of cleaning and cooking. The absence of mother has made the kids into rascals.
Joanna/Annie making dinner
However Dean gets more than he planned as the kids like Joanna and she starts fixing things of the dysfunctional family. The people in Dean's neighbourhood are genuine compared to fake socialites of Joanna's former life. Things get romantic but what happens if Joanna gets her memory back?
Family idyll!
"Overboard" is a feel-good 1980s comedy with hillbilly charm, and Goldie does a versatile role as a rude heiress who turns nice. Kurt Russell plays a happy-go-lucky handyman, a bit rough around the edges but who is a working like a dog to support his family. The story is formulaic but the real-life couple has good chemistry and both of them are funny. Kurt Russell shows his comedic skills, and shows that he is can be more than an action star (interestingly in one scene his leather jacket looks similar to Snake Plissken's). Although the story is almost about kidnapping, it should not be taken seriously but as light-hearted entertainment. 
Dean taking it easy
Veteran actor Roddy McDowall appears as Andrew the Butler.
Roddy McDowall


Starring: Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Edward Herrmann, Katherine Helmond, Mike Hagerty, Roddy McDowall, Jared Rushton, Jeffrey Wiseman, Brian Price, Jamie Wild, Frank Campanella, Harvey Miller, Frank Buxton, Carol Williard, Doris Hess, Ed Cree, Mona Lyden, Lucinda Crosby, Bing Russell, Richard Stahl, Ray Combs, Marvin Braverman, The Wright Brothers
Director: Garry Marshall 

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