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Movie Review: Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic a.k.a. Air Race
Starring: Antonio Sabato Jr., Adam Baldwin, Alex Jolig, Michael Sutton , Amandah Reyne, Julian Vergov, William Zabka, John Capilla, Tyrone Pinkham, Alvin Poteat, Darrell J. Johnson , Robert Sands, Gail Sands, Francie Hart 
Director: Phillip J. Roth
United Filmmakers Organization (UFO), Air Race Productions LLC, e-m-s the DVD-Company, USA, 2002.
Hyper Sonic a.k.a. Air Race title
Fighter pilot Grant Irvine (Antonio Sabato Jr.) attends Air Race. His brother Kevin (Michael Sutton) is his supply team leader. After a bad accident air race supervisor Chris Bannon (Adam Baldwin) puts the blame on the brothers. Grant loses his pilot license and Chris loses his supervisor position. Hypersonic Air Races are suspended.
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Grant Irvine
Michael Sutton
Adam Baldwin
Race supervisor Chris Bannon
Four years later Chris invites Grant to be a crew chief in a new air race. The competitors will fly a route around the world. The pilot of his team will be Kevin! Evil TV-channel boss (William Zabka) wants to see accidents to boost TV ratings. No matter that the contest was canceled after accident, apparently the pilots have become expendable during the few years. The brothers also meet pretty tanker-plane captain Trina Raymond (Amandah Reyne). Add some Russian mobsters, squabbling between contestants and some Top Gun references and the movie plods on routinely. When Kevin gets hurt, Grant must continue the race (the pilots can be changed mid-air).
Tempest 12 Aero Package
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Grant being tough guy
Amandah Reyne
Trina Raymond
This is direct-to-video movie, that is not as exciting as it wishes to be. The special effects are quite bad. CGI-effects are overused here and there, this is the only non-scifi movie where I have seen a CGI-wristwatch. Flight mechanics are unrealistic, even sonic boom is ignored. In one scene the pilots fly through Vladivostok, and no windows are broken! The aircrafts called Tempest 12 Aero Package in the movie seem to be based on Eurofighter Typhoon, but using Grumman logos. Adam Baldwin is good as crooked supervisor. Other actors do their best. It is notable that many of the actors in the movie were uncredited.
What sonic boom?
Rating: Bad


  1. Katsoin Hypersonicin trailerin. Ei vaikuttanut nimensä mukaiselta.

    1. Sikäli tuo Suomi-version nimi Air Race on huomattavasti neutraalimpi nimi (eikä sentään niin jämerä kuin Espanja-version Carrera Mortal joka lienee jotakuinkin Death Race).


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