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Movie Review: Decoy (1995)

Decoy (1995) 
F.Y.D.O.E. Films, Floyd Group, Minds Eye Entertainment, Canada, USA, 1995. 
Decoy title
Baxter (Peter Weller) and Travis (Robert Patrick) are two tough agents/assassins/mercenaries whatever. Travis is traumatized after being tortured and spends his days in his cabin popping painkillers and drinking booze. Well, unpredictable Baxter is not playing with a full deck either. He lives as a hermit, trading currencies and mixing Samurai ethos with Native American mythology.
Robert Patrick
Peter Weller
Scientists have developed a revolutionary thinking computer chip (Skynet I guess). Rich businessman Wellington (Peter Breck) is auctioning it. Hitwoman Katya (Charlotte Lewis) kills Wellington's guards and delivers message from his former hireling Jenner (Scott Hylands). Jenner accuses Wellington of ripping him off and demands $50,000,000 for the chip. Wellington wants to hire Travis to protect his daughter Diana (Darlene Vogel). Travis agrees but wants Baxter for back-up. 
Peter Breck
Darlene Vogel
Baxter, Travis and Diana go to secret forest cabin. Mole reveals their location to Jenner's men. Katya, Gunther (Zoltan Buday), Daniel (Vladimir Kulich) and the disposable thugs pay surprise visit. Therefore Baxter the Samurai makes some sliced meat. The trio gets enough of camping and continues their voyage with relaxing bus trip. However some trigger-happy thugs cause nuisance and Travis boils over. Travis standing on the hood of the bus shooting and yelling looks epic in B-movie way. 
Zoltan Buday, Darlene Vogel and Vladimir Kulich
Gunther, Katya and Daniel
The trio hides in an old Indian graveyard. The plot gets more complicated as Baxter realises that Diana is not Wellington's real daughter but a ... Decoy! 

Direct-to-video 1990s action with some extra fun resulting from illogicalities. The dialogue between Weller and Patrick is quite fun. The bad guys have some cool wrist-worn blade launchers and Katya has a scifiesque gun. Most of the action occurs in Canadian forest that looks similar to Finnish forests. The story has some interesting twists but doesn't rise above average action films. 

Part of The 2016 Movie Watching Challenge (#6. Movie that has only one word in the name) 

Rating: Average 

Starring: Peter Weller, Robert Patrick, Charlotte Lewis, Darlene Vogel, Peter Breck, Scott Hylands, Vladimir Kulich, Zoltan Buday, Blaine Hart, Patricia Drake, Philip Maurice Hayes, Joe Wu, Wilfred M. Dube, Brad Heck, Richard Yoshida, Brian Ludwig, Gerard Lang, Calvert Chiefcalf, John Lykouros, Peter Miller, Michael Simons, Ned Donaldson, Jason Bucknall, Oliver Vermont, Chris Thompson, Tom Fahn, Victor Baptiste, Wayne Folk, Mark Becker, George Sygiros, Rob Bresciani, Rob Wilton, Rob King, Muriel Ross 
Director: Vittorio Rambaldi (as Victor Rambaldi)


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