Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shameless Pile Keeps on Growing: Anttila Bankruptcy Sales

The Finnish department store chain Anttila (and Kodin Ykkönen that was related to it) went bankrupt in July 2016. It is sad because a big part of Finnish commercial history is lost forever and also several jobs. It was a good place to buy movies, electronics music and household goods. It is not the first time there is a clearance sale as Anttila closed its stores in Turku 2014, but reopened in May 2016 with new ownership. It did not survive much longer after that. Despite all the gloom, there have been good opportunities to make cheap finds from the clearance sale (again). My wallet hurts.

Here is some of my loot from the sales during the last two months. Not included here is the box of DVDs (including The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition and a bunch of Finnish classic movies) that got stuck in the warehouse when the bankrupty was declared, although I got it later.

First some various items:
Slippers (no, my shoe size is not 44, but this size was the most comfortable), 6A and 20A fuses, Excellent Houseware lunch box with cooling element, Playmobil® Scientist with a hoverboard and a Playmobil® Knight with steel boxing gloves. Roll of Kodin Ykkönen stickers because why not.

TV shows, scifi, horror and some drama
Downton Abbey Complete Series with extras (I got some of the seasons already but this was cheaper than buying the rest individually) , Silicon Valley Seasons 1-2, Jouko Turkka's Kiimaiset Poliisit (Horny Policemen, not porn but a *very* unconventional cop show), Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul Season 1, Gotham Season 1, Lake Placid vs Anaconda, Poltergeist (remake), The Forest, The Revenant, Curve, Night Visions Scary Fun Box (Bad Biology, Stitches, Chop), Burning Wheels Box (Closer to the Edge, Bensaa suonissa a.k.a Gas in the Veins, Two-Lane Blacktop, The Doom Generation, Rubber), Outpost 37, Zoolander No. 2, Mika Kaurismäki's Tyttökuningas (The Girl King), Leviathan, Halo The Fall of Reach

Comedy, animations, action and more TV-shows:
The X-Files Event Series, Good Cop vs Bad Cop Box (Evidence, Verso, Saigon, Maniac Cop, Sinners and Saints), Strangerland, Straight Outta Compton, Michael Bay's 13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Helix Season 2 (I don't have the first season), Get Santa, Hotel Transsylvania 2, Kung Fu Panda 3, Shaolin The Most Spectacular Live Kung Fu Show of the Year, stop-motion film Anomalisa, Ricki And the Flash, Ted 2, Shameless Seasons 1-3.

Mainly heavy metal, schlager and old rock 'n' roll
Kaikkien aikojen tanssiorkesterit (Finnish dance bands & schlager music), Symhony X: Underworld, classic jazz Ella & Louis: The Complete Anthology, Progressive Rock Box Set, Nile: At the Gates of Sethu, Children of Bodom: I Worship Chaos, Holy Grail: Ride the Void, Hammerfall: (r)Evolution,
Martti Servo & Napander: Kestävällä pohjalla (Finnish humoristic schlager), Stig: Stig, Suomi Kantri (Finnish Country music), Re-Machined Tribute to Deep Purple's Machine Head, Fast & Furious 40 Cuts of Cool Cars, Crazy Cats & Cruising, Awolnation: Megalithic Symphony,
Shava: Langaton yhteys (Finnish Bhangra, really!), Halloween Music from the Dark Side (with Radiohead, Kate Bush and Talking Heads), The Best of Horror 75 Original Horror Favourites (lots of horror themed rock 'n' roll and novelty songs), Damien Rice: O, Volbeat: Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie, Kylie: The Abbey Road Sessions.


  1. Piti googlettaa tuo Halloween Music from the Dark Side, kun mitä ihmeen kauhuteemaista musiikkia saattaisi nenäkkään popahtava Talking Heads tehdä. Ihan hyvää tavaraahan tuo kokoelma näyttäisi sisältävä, mutta vaikuttaisi siltä että kappaleet on valittu vain sopivien nimien vuoksi kuin tunnelmaan sopien. Ellei kyse ole sitten juppien cocktailhalloweeniltamista.

    Minä tein kerran pyynnöstä yläasteelaisille halloweenbileisiin mixcd:n ja tilauksen tehnyt opettaja kertoi osan lapsista olleen levyä kuullessaan hyvinkin peloissaan. Mikä tietenkin oli tarkoituskin.

    1. Sen mitä olen noita ehtinyt kuuntelemaan, niin Halloween-levy sopisi tosiaan parhaiten Halloween-bileiden pikkutuntikuunteluun jossakin kalliissa kattohuoneistossa.

      Tuo Best of Horror tripla taas on hauskaa 50-lukujen Drive-in tyylistä camp-meininkiä. Sekin sopisi lasten Halloween-bileisiin, kun pelottavinta osastoa sillä edustaa Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

      Muistan joskus lapsena pelänneeni laulun Mikki Hiiri merihädässä peikko-osuutta.

    2. Minulla on noita The Best of Horror levyjä siunaantunut jostain syystä kaksin kipailein. Jos joku sen toisen haluaa, niin laittakoon viestiä tulemaan. Mää tuplakappaleella mitään tee.

    3. Toivottavasti joku kiinnostunut löytyypi.

    4. Löytyy jos on löytyäkseen. Muussa tapauksessa voin aina antaa sen joululahjaksi jollekulle sukulaiselle. :D

  2. Ricki and the Flash has quickly become one of my new favorites. I've watched it four times already. I highly recommend. Also I can't wait for your review of The Forest...


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