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Movie Review: The Swordsman (1992)

The Swordsman
SC Entertainment International, Canada, 1992.

Cop Andrew Barrett (Lorenzo Lamas) has supernatural clairvoyance skills. During a drug raid Andrew gets painful visions about underground swordfights. Work partner Nick (Nicholas Pasco) considers that Andrew's seizures are a risk. Captain (Eugene Clark) sends Andrew to see a doctor (Michael Copeman) who looks like a relaxed guy waiting for a vacation. 
Lorenzo Lamas
Andrew Barrett
Michael Copeman
Relaxed Doc
Someone is murdering folks using swords. Robbers rob Alexander the Great's sword that was about to be delivered to archaelogist Julie (Claire Stansfield). As Julie was the only witness, Andrew is assigned to protect her. And so a romance develops. Julie believes that in his past life cop Andrew was Alexander the Great. 
Claire Stansfield
How you doing?
Andrew practises fencing and weird businessman Stratos (Michael Champion) invites him to his private fencing club. Coincidentally Stratos is Julie's patron so if you aren't already figuring out who stole the sword you are Chief Wiggum. Andrew infiltrates the fencing club and goes deep into the world of illegal duels. And so it is that Stratos is the reincarnation of Alexander's betrayer. The bearer of the sword is invincible so everybody wants the sword including henchman Jojo (Raoul Max Trujillo). Jojo and Andrew fight a match that begins well but is ultimately unsatisfying. Now if there had been a real fight between Jojo and Andrew it could have been cool. Now they missed the opportunity that was hinted with a big sign "epic duel here!" And so the story limps to the unsurprising finale.
Michael Champion
Raoul Max Trujillo
In theory it all sounds like "Highlander" wannabe that could be fun. Bad acting and pedestrian pace make this an disappointment for fans of sword-action. The sword fights are rare and quick, so nothing much to see here. From the story about modern day Greek warriors it would be expected some epicness but everything is toned down to trivial cop mystery. Michael Copeman's therapist-character brings some humour to the moody story. There is some unintentional silliness but from a "Highlander" clone you would expect even a little bit more of this:
Lorenzo happy
instead of this:
Lorenzo moody
And there isn't even Queen's music to cheer you up but cheap sounding synthesizer score.

Maybe it is Lorenzo's yet unfinished transition from the soap operas to action films that is making Andrew and Julie's romance soapy too. But even as a romantic thriller it isn't so great. Considering that Lorenzo spends a considerable amount of time without a shirt it is hard to see what the target audience was. Possibly the readers of Harlequin Romantic Suspense novels will get something out of this.

In the cover image Lorenzo Lamas is gripping his mighty sword.

Followed by sequel "Gladiator Cop."

Rating: Bad

Starring: Lorenzo Lamas, Claire Stansfield, Michael Champion, Nicholas Pasco, Raoul Max Trujillo, Eugene Clark, Michael Copeman, George Touliatos, Frank Crudele, Ian White, Scott Davis, Zack Kotlyar, Tamara Bernier, Viv Moore, Mourad Mardikian, Robert Seale, Sandy MacMaster, Simon Fon, Maurice Dean Wint, Walter Alza, Phil Morrison, Carlos Echevers, Jane Dingle, Laura Dickson, Colin Miller, Ken Quinn, Paul Przedlacki, Anthony Vargas
Director: Michael Kennedy 


  1. Ah! Mestarillinen elokuva.

    Tai no, elokuva ainakin.

    Minulle Lorenzo Lamas tuli alunperin tutuksi Falcon Crest-sarjasta ja siinä hän tuntui olevan pienen pojan silmissä aika badass koska oli saippuasarjassa, mutta osasi karatea, jota selvästi puski väkisin roolihahmonsa toimiin kuului se sinne tai ei.

    1. Vähän samanlainen bad boy oli Kauniiden ja rohkeiden Sean Kanan, joka veteli karatepotkuja. MItään elokuvallisesti sykähdyttävää Kanan ei näytä tehneen Karate Kid III:n ja TV-sarjojen lisäksi. Itselle Lamas tuli tutuksi ruotsalaisilta kanavilta pyörineestä Renegadesta jonka tunnari oli aika cool.


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