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Movie Review: Never Say Die

Never Say Die
Nu Image / Millennium Films, USA, 1994.

Ex spec ops soldier Blake (Frank Zagarino) lives on the bayou repairing boats with his young friend Shane (Skye Svorinic). On the neighbouring island FBI is trying to infiltrate the hippie cult of Reverend James (Billy Drago).
Frank Zagarino
Billy Drago
Reverend James
When Congressman Le Roux (Michael Brunner) and the agents try to evict the cult, the disciples coldly shoot them. The FBI is not taking it easy so it means war! But Rev. James is an ex-spec ops grunt also, and his hard-to-kill right hand man Angel (Robin Smith) is a burly brute so they will not go down easily. A lot of stuff blows up.
Robin Smith
Earlier in the swamp Blake met pretty disciple Brooke (Jenny McShane). As she finds out that the peaceful religion is a murderous cult, she wants to warn her friend Lesley (Vanessa Pike) but it is too late. James follows the example of Jim Jones and arranges a mass cult suicide leaving only his henchmen alive. He seems to not have any deeper motive, he's just being evil lunatic. Brooke manages to escape and kids and Blake rescue her. When Brooke is kidnapped Blake must save her again.
Jenny McShane
Vanessa Pike
Blake has a bone to pick with James, as they share a common history. Over-eager FBI Agent Roper (Todd Jensen) is trying to arrest Blake, as he has the same special forces eagle tattoo as Rev. James has. So Blake has to teach Roper some manners first, "First Blood" style. Then Blake goes rescuing hostages jumping through windows in slow motion and chasing thugs with motor boat.
Todd Jensen
Tarzan bundolo!
The film has good old 90s-action with unapologetic gun fights and explosions, sullen faced army officials and ladies in peril. It has gratuitous vehicle jumps for and random acts of violence against beer bottles. Cruelly leering Billy Drago, the reliable bad guy of 1980s-90s action films is perfectly cast and without him the film would be less fun. Frank Zagarino represents the typical stone-faced hero type, who has a soft side because he is always friendly to kids. It has nothing special but fills the need for pulpy action snack.
Beer and driving don't mix
Frank Zagarino
Now you made him angry.
Rating: Average

Starring: Frank Zagarino, Billy Drago, Jenny McShane (as Jennifer Miller), Todd Jensen, Robin Smith, Frank Notaro, Hal Orlandini, Michael Brunner, Ted Le Plat, John Simon Jones, Vanessa Pike, Skye Svorinic, Michelle Bowes, Graham Clarke, Victor Melleney, Norman Coombes, Annabel Linder, Craig Freimont, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Jeff Fannell, Kelly Bratton, Len Sparrowhawk, Gideon Emery, Phillip Ferreria, David C. Webb, Steve Burgess, Kevin Liebenberg, Craig Ginsberg, Deon van Schoor, Gavin Mey, Neville Strydom
Director: Yossi Wein

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