Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! October Belongs to Horror Recap

dracula piller dracula blod

The playful 8 horror movie watching challenge from ...noir ends. The event gave finally some "excuses" to watch Finnish cult classic "Kuutamosonaatti" as well as new contender "Bodom" as well as some wacky zombie films "Dead Before Dawn" and "Dead Rising: Watchtower."

There were many other horror films that I planned to watch but October ends to soon. Partial blame is to Lou Ferrigno marathon in the beginning of October that went on a bit longer than expected. Well, those other scary flicks will be watched sooner or later anyways. For example these were left unwatched this time:
Now it is time to eat some Dracula-themed candies that I didn't know they were still manufacturing.


  1. Valentine olisikin ollut täyttä horroria, kuin päätyminen ludovicohoitoon.

  2. Ensi kerralla sitten arvosteluun nuo,mitä yli tällä kertaa jäi.

    1. Muutaman vielä kattelen tälläerää, sitten välissä jotain muuta ja katotaan mitä sen jälkeen


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