Monday, April 21, 2014

Book review: Minä Zlatan Ibrahimovic (I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

Minä Zlatan Ibrahimovic (I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic)
by David Lagercrantz and Zlatan Ibrahimovic
translated to Finnish by Miika Nousiainen
WSOY 2013
This review is based on the Finnish paperback edition (Minä Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

Zlatan is one of the best modern football players, and his autobiography tells his story from his childhood years until the AC Milan's Italian Super Cup 2011 victory. Born in Rosengård, the Malmö suburb to an immigrant family, Zlatan tells about his difficult childhood, shoplifting and stealing bikes. One time he even accidentally stole his football coachs bike! Rejecting a bad boy image, Zlatan tells however that he has been quite moderate in partying and was seldom very drunk besides the time when he fell asleep in a bathtub after Juventus victory party.  Besides football Zlatan also gets his kicks from fast cars and video games.

Zlatan has a direct approach to things and says what he thinks. This sometimes led to trouble with coaches and other players. In his football career a big setback was the clash with Barcelona's coach Pep Guardiola, who did not like strong personalities such as Zlatan. It was only resoved when Zlatan was sold to AC Milan. Zlatan also tells how a player can one day be a hero and hated next day. Often getting angered by fans helps him play better.

The book was interesting and fun to read. In this book Zlatan gives hope to kids who are different to pursue their dreams, although the success requires hard work.

Rating:Very good

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