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Movie Review (Eros Int. Box set, Part 1): Haal-e-Dil (2008)

Director: Anil Devgan
Starring:Amita Pathak, Nakuul Mehta, Adhyayan Suman
Eros International, Big Screen Entertainment, India, 2008.

I found a copy of this movie as part of a three movie budget set published by Eros International and will review the other two movies later (Money Hai Toh Honey Hai and One Two Three). 

Haal-e-Dil tells a story about Sanjana (Amita Pathak) who has lost her boyfriend Rohit (Adhyayan Suman). After visiting her family, she finds herself traveling with a happy-go-lucky magician Shekhar (Nakuul Mehta) who falls in love with her. Sanjana shows cold shoulder to him, but when she loses her train ticket they are forced to travel by taxi. Shekhar uses every trick to attract Sanjana, but fails. Finally he decides to prove his love by fasting seven days in front of her home.

The movie starts as a romantic comedy, but the second half of the film turns into melodrama and begins to drag heavily. The movie flopped badly at the box office. However the film is not without its merits. There are lots of beautiful sceneries and the songs are mostly nice. Nakuul Mehta is great as a funny guy, who later becomes a more serious person. Also some supporting characters are funny, such as perky auntie traveling in the train (Bharati Achrekar).

Here's a happy song "Oye Hoye" where Shekhar sings about being a crazy love worshiper. 

Rating: Average

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