Monday, August 18, 2014

Movie Review: Dinoshark

Starring: Eric Balfour, Iva Hasperger, Aarón Díaz, Roger Corman, Humberto Busto
Director: Kevin O'Neill
New Horizons Picture, Syfy, 2010, USA
A melting iceberg releases some primordial baby fish and later it develops into full grown Dinoshark. It eats an arctic researcher and his boat and then moves to coast of Mexico. Trace (Eric Balfour) returns to his childhood's neighbourhood in Puerto Vallerta when he gets a job as yacht captain. Carol (Iva Hasberger) is working there as a environmental scientist and water polo captain.
Trace, the cool captain
Multi-talented Carol
Dinoshark threatens to ruin the party
Dinoshark eats Trace's and Carol's common friend Rita, so Trace and Carol decide to destroy the culprit. They get some information from Dr. Reeves (Roger Corman) who is a researcher of ancient animals. Dr. Reeves' computer can calculate the image of Dinoshark from DNA and also find it's weak spot. That's some wonderful technology.
Dinoshark sure can jump
Roger Corman as Dr. Reeves
Trace's old opponent Calderon (Humberto Busto) is the captain of the harbour patrol. He believes that Trace is drug-smuggler and killer. Luckily the Dinoshark appears so Trace avoids being arrested. The authorities fail to kill Dinoshark so it's up to Trace and Carol to kill the beast.
Calderon is about to arrest Trace
You can't fish from helicopter
The movie follows the usual Jaws style plot. There is not much humour except for some unintentional and from some cheesy acting. The seriousness makes it more a regular sea monster film. The CGI effects vary from okay to bad, Dinoshark looks mostly okay. The end of the movie water scooter chase is kinda cool.

Rating: Average

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