Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Movie Review: Kingdom of Gladiators

Kingdom of Gladiators
Starring: Leroy Kincaid, Matt Polinsky, Annie Social, Suzi Lorraine, Maurizio Corigliano, Bryan Murphy, Sharon Fryer
Director: Stefano Mila
WonderPhil Productions, Claang Entertainment, Animoka Studios, USA & Italy 2011
In medieval times king Wolfkahn (Bryan Murphy) gets tired of war and makes a pact with a demon to end the war and rule the continent. In exchange he must sacrifice his descendants to Dark Lord. Years later the king arranges gladiator games in the kingdom of Keemok. Luna, king's daughter (Suzi Lorraine) appears just before tournament. Witch Murrigan (Sharon Fryer) suspects that Luna is Dark Lord Hel in disguise. The blood spilled on arena starts to revive a big stone demon.
King Wolfkahn
Princess Luna acting cute
Gladiators with various types of armour
For some reason the king lets the games continue. Gladiators Kayne (Leroy Kincaid) and Gunnar (Matt Polinsky) are old rivals. They get a vision and go searching for a magic sword. The idea is that the sword can be used to win the tournament and also to save the kingdom.
Gladiatrix Teela with chainmail bikini
Another movie with fashionable goggles (see also Death Hunt)
Gladiatrix Teela (Annie Social) is Kayne's sparring parther and also his girlfriend. Kayne, Gunnar and Teela go searching for the gates of Hell. Teela goes to Hell to help Kayne fight the demons. Meanwhile an evil gladiator Har (Maurizio Corigliano) working for Hel is about to win the tournament.
Gunnar, Teela and Kayne strolling epicly
Har the Evil Champion
The castle and sceneries look good. The acting is mostly amateurish and looks like LARP. Since many of the actors are professional wrestlers there is also some WWE style action. The gladiator fights look mostly okay, albeit many times the ending of the fights are left open. There is also a unintentionally funnily edited montage of the fights. The music is good sounding epic sounding classical, but for some reason at the middle point it changes to generic heavy metal. Also the ending seems rushed.
Weird montage
Despite the flaws it has some entertaining moments. For a direct to video movie the picture quality is good. The movie might just go as a weaker episode of Xena or Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.
Luna putting on some demon makeup
Also Teela is now demon, but a good demon
Rating: Bad


  1. Katsoin juuri. Meinasin naurun aiheuttaman happivajeen vuoksi menettää tajuntani.

  2. Tässä esiintyvä kuningas on kyllä ehkä se maailman oikeasti huonoin näyttelijä. Äijä kuitenkin näyttää yrittävän aivan tosissaan...

    1. Kieltämättä hänen näyttelijänsuorituksensa oli aivan uskomaton.


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