Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Movie Review: Bermuda Tentacles

Bermuda Tentacles a.k.a Dark Rising a.k.a American Warships 2 
Starring: Linda Hamilton, Trevor Donovan, Mya Harrison, John Savage, Jamie Kennedy, Richard Whiten, Ricco Ross, Jeff Rector, Robert Blanche, Angelique Cinelu, Justin Cuomo, Luke White, Stephanie Cantu, Darren Anthony Thomas, Craig Blair, Andy Clemence, Howard Dell, Tiffany Pulvino, Regi Davis, Jonathan Kowalski, Joe Sabatino, Graham Clarke, Marcus Shirock, Blanca Blanco, Natalie Burtney, Dan Coyle 
Director: Nick Lyon 
Syfy,  M. O. B. Movies, The Asylum, USA, 2014.
Air Force One is flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Lightning hits the plane and the President of the USA (John Savage) is put into escape pod. Navy rescue team is sent to rescue him from the sea. Operation is led by admiral Hanson (Linda Hamilton). Seeing Linda in this movie made me realise that between "Terminator 2" and this movie already 23 years have elapsed! Chief Trip Oliver (Trevor Donovan) is marine who has somehow messed up earlier, so there is tension between him and Hanson.
John Savage
President Desteno
Linda Hamilton
Admiral Hanson
Trevor Donovan
Chief Trip Oliver
The operation has hardly started, when tentacles attack the ships. Dr. Zimmer (Jamie Kennedy) identifies them as giant tube worms. The tentacle-things are almost invulnerable to bullets. Oliver and the team takes mini-submarine and goes to rescue the President. Oceanologist and engineer Lt. Plummer (R&B singer Mya Harrison) is the scientific advisor of the group and  tough Lt. Commander Barclay (Richard Whiten) is the pilot. 
Pesky worms
Running away would be logical
Jamie Kennedy
 Dr. Zimmer
Tentacle-things are not just some mutated worms, but monsters from outer space that has been there for a long time. However their motives are unknown, maybe they just want to conquer the Earth. The marines go into their underwater cave "Aliens" style. Saving the President is a dangerous task and mini-submarine barely escapes. The President's answer would be to nuke the can of worms. Then follows a big "Independence Day" style finale.
Mya Harrison
Lt. Plummer
Richard Whiten
Lt. Commander Barclay
Stephanie Cantu
Rivas (Stephanie Cantu)
The ship interiors look quite good. Special effects are on the Asylum level good, acceptable for TV-movie but still far from normal budget movies. Some of the action scenes look the best that The Asylum has ever made. On the other hand stock footage combined with the alien effects does not fully work. The dialogue is silly and most of the characters are generic. Linda Hamilton's admiral is tough commander though. Most memorable character is the President who never got his haircut. Fun low-budget naval alien attack movie.
Ship graveyard
Exciting escape
Rating: Good (as a low budget film) or Average (as a regular movie)


  1. Thanks! I think I will give it a chance. I was watching Dante's Peak and am now craving to watch more Lynda Hamilton.


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