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Movie Review: Beyond Justice

Beyond Justice a.k.a Desert Law a.k.a Law of the Desert a.k.a Maktub, Law of the Desert 
Starring: Rutger Hauer, Carol Alt, Omar Sharif, Elliott Gould, Kabir Bedi, Stewart Bick, David Flosi, Brett Halsey, Peter Sands, Christopher Ahrens, Larry Dolgin, D.R. Nanayakkara, David Thompson, Richard Buckingham Clark, Donald Hodson, Lee Moore, Adel El Gabry, Abderrahim Bargache, Mohamed El Mehdi, Ahmed Marey, Niels Gullov, Pascal Druant, Robert Spafford 
Director: Duccio Tessari 
Reteitalia, Titanus Produzione, Italy, Morocco, 1992. 
Beyond Justice title
This movie can be found in Fuel Injected Films 20 Movie Collection by Mill Creek Entertainment. 

Tom Burton (Rutger Hauer) is a mercenary specialized in rescuing hostages. Christine Sanders (Carol Alt) is a media company executive. Her bratty son Robert (David Flosi). Attorney Red Merchantson (Elliott Gould) has a crush on Christine. Red's storyline does not go further in this movie version, in miniseries something surprising is revealed about him.
Rutger Hauer
Tom Burton
Carol Alt
Christine Sanders
Elliott Gould
Red Merchantson
Robert's father Moulet (Kabir Bedi) gets an ominous letter with Arabic writing "Thus it is written" and also Christine gets similar letter. Then Moulet kidnaps Robert and takes him to Morocco. Moulet's father is warrior tribe chieftain Emir Beni-Zair (Omar Sharif). Emir wants Robert to be raised as a Muslim. For Robert going to Morocco is first fun and exciting. 
Kabir Bedi and David Flosi
Moulet and Robert
Omar Sharif
Emir Beni-Zair
Desert fortress
Moulet is torn between modern world and his father's traditions. Christine hires Tom and James Ross (Peter Sands) to bring Robert back. She wants to join the rescue party although her own life may be in danger. Disguising as arms dealers they go to meet Emir. On their way they battle raiding parties. Rutger even gets to utter: Go ahead, make my day. 
Peter Sands
James Ross
Rutger and Bogart
The team then proceeds to saving the kid with surprise attack. The arsenal Tom brought with him proves to be useful. However the escape trip is dangerous and there are also other hostile tribes. Help comes from surprising direction.
Rutger Hauer shoots
Tom in action
Useful stuff
"Beyond Justice" jumps on the "Not Without My Daughter"-wagon, but with gun battles. This movie is cut down from 300 minutes miniseries. Thus it lacks most of the subplots and focuses on action, leaving some of the questions hanging in the air. Also one of Tom's mercenary friends dies in the end, but the movie is cut so that he just suddenly vanishes and is later buried. Desert scenes are beautiful and music is composed by Ennio Morricone. Not one of Rutger's best films but still an entertaining adventure with some romance. Kind of western with automatic rifles and camels.
Rating: Average

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  1. yeah,I watched this series in my golden childhood days,in October 1997.Nostalgia just overwhelms me right now.Back then it seemed to be cool movie,but if I rewatched it now,not from 13 year old kid prospective,probably it wouldn*t seem that good.Anyway,it*s nice to get those memories back.


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