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Movie Review: Cold Blood

Cold Blood (Das Amulett des Todes) 
Starring: Rutger Hauer, Vera Tschechowa, Horst Frank, Walter Richter, Günther Stoll, Walter Sedlmayr, Andreas Mannkopff, Anna-Maria Asmus, Erich Kleiber 
Directors: Ralf Gregan, Günter Vaessen 
City Film, Televox,  West Germany, 1975. 
Cold Blood (Das Amulett des Todes) title
This movie can be found in Fuel Injected Films 20 Movie Collection by Mill Creek Entertainment. 

Corinna (Vera Tschechowa) goes to her cottage to relax. Man named Blondie (Rutger Hauer) running from criminals is shot in front of the cottage. The criminals, boss Himmel (Horst Frank), boozing Arthur (Walter Richter) and crazy Stazi (Günther Stoll) then enter the cottage. Also the wounded man is taken inside. Corinna treats his wound. 
Vera Tschechowa
Corinna's cottage
Rutger Hauer
Blondie is shot
The criminals take Corinna with them. Corinna, Himmel and Blondie travel in one car and Stazi and Arthur in another. Blondie stabs Himmel, and escapes with Corinna. Blondie then gets medical attention from Doctor Serger (Erich Kleiber) and Hilda (Anna-Maria Asmus). Blondie (whose real name is Cris) was a pilot who fell into debts and got involved in smuggling. He wanted out but the criminals did not let him go. He decided to steal the dirty money. 
Walter Richter and Günther Stoll
Arthur and Stazi
Horst Frank
Friend of Cris named Franz Grendel (Walter Sedlmayr) lives in an old castle. Hiding there the runaway pair starts a steamy romance. Arthur and Stazi are already on their tracks and there is also an unknown killer after everyone. Corinna can not be certain if she can trust Cris or is he just trying to save his own skin. 
Rutger Hauer
Walter Sedlmayr
Cold Blood is one of the unknown films of young Rutger Hauer. This is quite good low budget crime thriller. The story is pleasantly pulpy and Rolf Bauer's electronic music with 1970s' techno-influences suits the film well. The filming locations look melancholic, giving the story atmosphere. Many of the actors have appeared in popular German crime TV-series such as "Tatort", "Derrick" or "Der Kommissar". The original German title "The Amulet of Death" refers to the amulet worn by Cris that depicts Patron Saint of Smugglers. 
Someone is after everyone
The castle
Rating: Good

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