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Movie Review: The Last Gun

The Last Gun (Jim il primo) a.k.a Killer's Canyon a.k.a Lonely Gunslinger a.k.a Django, the Last Gun
Rasfilm, Sagebrush Productions, Italy, 1964.
The Last Gun title
This movie can be found in Ten Thousand Ways to Die The Spaghetti Western Collection 12 Movie Pack by Mill Creek Entertainment.

Jim Hart (Cameron Mitchell) is a left-handed gunslinger who swears to leave violence behind. Outlaw gang gets a new boss, Jess Lindahl (Livio Lorenzon). The gang hires a guitarist named Guitar (Carl Möhner) who is also left-handed gunman. Guitar knows Jim Hart and is looking for him. The gang goes to Sanderson to behave badly. Banker Morgan (Luigi Batzella) and dance girl Cherie (actor unknown) wants to hire Jess to hijack a shipment of gold. Guitar casts his eyes on barmaid Dolores (Célina Cély). Her barkeeper mom Rosalia (Anna Lina Alberti) does not approve Guitar.
Livio Lorenzon
Jess Lindahl
Carl Möhner
Luigi Batzella
Banker Morgan and Cherie
Janet (Kitty Carver) is getting married with store keeper Bill (who is really Jim Hart) but she is harassed by Jess' goon Jack. Her father (Calisto Calisti) defends her. Sheriff (Giulio Maculani) tries to hire men to escort the gold shipment but not even Bill dares to help. Janet scolds him for being such a coward. When Janet is assaulted by Jack, Jim puts on a mask and shoots the offender. The goons suspect that Jim Hart is the masked man.
Anna Lina Alberti and Célina Cély
Rosalia and Dolores
Kitty Carver and Cameron Mitchell
Janet and Bill
Ugo Fangareggi
Some of Jess' goons. Bowtie (Ugo Fangareggi)  in the middle
Janet goes riding but Jess attacks her. Again masked man saves her. Sheriff's wife Millie (Fanny Clair) and daughter Terry (actor unknown) are going to grandparents in a wagon. Jess' goon Texas (actor unknown) assault a woman, Bill tries to help but he is beaten. To keep his men on leash, Jess kills Texas. Guitar talks to Bill, and offers to work for him if he needs a gunman.
Giulio Maculani
Masked avenger!
Meanwhile rogue members of Jess' gang try to rob the wagon and assault the women. Masked man strikes again. When the gold wagon is arriving, Jess and his men leave. But someone robs the wagon first, and Guitar is suspected. However someone has delivered the gold to sheriff's office. Jess isn't happy.

The movie is nicely presented in wide screen format. The movie is a bit more "American-style" Spaghetti western. The residents of the town are given quite a lot of screen time, there's Sheriff and his family, barkeeper's family, little boy Tommy (Dony Baster) with his daddy (actor unknown) who gets into trouble when drunk and an obligatory old man Noah (actor unknown). The town girls are pretty and the villains just can't keep their hands off them. Luckily masked avenger is always around to save them.
Dony Baster
The story is a variation of Zorro / any masked hero plot line. Cameron Mitchell is quite wooden in this one, Carl Möhner is a more interesting character. The pacing is quite slow. This is not very good  western movie, but still watchable.

Rating: Average

Starring: Cameron Mitchell, Carl Möhner, Célina Cély, Kitty Carver, Livio Lorenzon, Mariangela Giordano (as Mary Gordon), Luke Aaron, Anna Lina Alberti (as Lina Albert), Dony Baster, Luigi Batzella (as Paul Solvay), Calisto Calisti, Fanny Clair, Ugo Fangareggi (as Ugo Mudd), Giulio Maculani (as Harris Cooper), Rosy March, Giuseppe Mattei (as John Mathius), Vic Nojaski, Diego Pozzetto, Cinzia Rancher, Attilio Severini
Director: Sergio Bergonzelli 

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