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Movie Review: Now They Call Him Sacramento

Now They Call Him Sacramento (Spanish title: Hijos de pobres, pero deshonestos padres... Le llamaban Calamidad, Italian title: I bandoleros della dodicesima ora) a.k.a Desperado a.k.a Now They Call Him Amen 
Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas, Variety Film Production, Spain, Italy, 1972. 
Now They Call Him Sacramento title
This movie can be found in Ten Thousand Ways to Die The Spaghetti Western Collection 12 Movie Pack by Mill Creek Entertainment.

Sacramento (Michael Forest) is an adventurer whose horse drinks milk and does not like saddles. Himself he drinks whiskey like no other, he humiliates some thugs in tavern. The thugs were about to rob a train but Sacramento foiled their plot. Big Jim (Fred Harrison) disguises himself as a preacher and humiliates another trio of train robbers. Then Sacramento, Jim and Jim's father Tequila (Luigi Bonos) rob the train themselves. 
Michael Forest
Fred Harrison
Big Jim
Luigi Bonos
The train robbery was the plan of banker Mr. Cray (Antonio Molino Rojo) to steal farmers money. If the farmers do not pay their debts, Mr. Cray will confiscate their lands. When Sacramento and Jim learn about the true owners of the money, Sacramento tries to help the farmers. Especially when the farmers look like Jenny McKinley (Malisa Longo). Tequila cons the other two and steals the loot. Then the bad guys steal the money.  
Malisa Longo
Jenny McKinley
Three bandits
Antonio Molino Rojo
Mr. Cray and Sheriff (Paolo Gozlino)
This is a Spanish-Italian knock-off of Terence Hill & Bud Spencer comedic westerns. There are some comedic shoot-outs but the heroes use more their fists. Michael Forest does an easy-going Trinity-type hero role. Fred Harrison imitates well Bud Spencer's trademark moves and mannerism. The villains are goofy and just come to ask more beating. One of the main three bandits looks like Charles Bronson. The music is 1970s style easy-going country with wah-wah guitars. The ending has a long fistfight where the heroes blow up most of the town. Not a great western classic but enjoyable for friends of slapstick humor and comic fistfights.

Rating: Good

Starring: Michael Forest, Fernando Bilbao (as Fred Harrison), Malisa Longo, Paolo Gozlino, Luigi Bonos, Gaspar 'Indio' González, Manuel Muñiz (as Pajarito), Antonio Almorós, Antonio Molino Rojo, Fernando Rubio, Juan Fairen (as Johnny Fairen), Luigi Antonio Guerra, Juan Torres, Manuel Bronchud, Mario Del Vago, Irene D'Astrea, César Ojinaga, Fabio Garriba
Director: Alfonso Balcázar (as Al Bagran)

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