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Movie Review: Coronado

ARMS GmbH, Coronado Motion Picture LLC, Uncharted Territory, Germany, USA, 2003.
Claire Winslow's (Kristin Dattilo) fiancé Will Gallagher (Michael Lowry) travels to Switzerland. Claire follows him, but Will's company does not really exist. Will has traveled to El Coronado, Central America to perform some secret task. The country is ruled by El Presidente Hugo Luis Ramos (John Rhys-Davies) and the people are revolting.
Kristin Dattilo
Claire suspects that rebels have kidnapped Will. She asks news reporter Arnet McClure (Clayton Rohner) to take her to the rebel base. Arnet is also secretly smuggling guns to the rebels. Also mechanic Jose (Gary Carlos Cervantes) and cameraman Renny (David Earl Waterman) are part of the group.
Clayton Rohner
Arnet McClure
Gary Carlos Cervantes
Claire patches up Jose
After escaping government soldiers and seeing destroyed towns Claire joins the rebels. Sancho (Daniel Zacapa) teaches Claire to shoot. Will is revealed to be a secret agent secretly delivering American weapons to rebels. The rebel leader Rafael (Byron Quiros) is planning a decisive attack but the rebels are betrayed!
Kristin Dattilo and Daniel Zacapa
Claire and Sancho
Byron Quiros
Coronado is an old school "Indiana Jones", "Romancing the Stone" or "The Librarian" style adventure with predictable story but still entertaining. The revolution story is very Hollywood-style, with brave rebels and evil government. Because most of the story happens in jungle, there is the obligatory collapsing wooden bridge scene. 
Hazardous bridge
Secret rebel base
Kristin Dattilo is fun to watch. John Rhys-Davies appears only briefly imitating El Presidente of "Tropico"-series. The $4.7 Million dollar budget is used quite impressively. The trailer declares: DVD was invented for movies like this! And why not, it is nice to watch on a rainy day.
John Rhys-Davies
El Presidente (Coronado)
El Presidente (Tropico)
Rating: Good

Starring: Kristin Dattilo, Clayton Rohner, Michael Lowry, John Rhys-Davies, Daniel Zacapa, Gary Carlos Cervantes, David Earl Waterman, Byron Quiros, David Purdham, Danny Mora, Rafael J. Noble, Aline Mayagoitia, Claudia de la Cabada, José Escandón, Roger Nevares, Diego Sandoval, Gabriel Ronquillo, Paco Estua, Elizabeth Beckwith, Fermín Martínez, Salvador 'Apache' Serrano, Juan Manuel González, María Luisa Coronel, Emilio Guerrero, Salvador Aguirre, Alejandro Faugier, Hans Kohler, Carlos Pedroza
Director: Claudio Fäh

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