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Movie Review: God's Gun

God's Gun a.k.a Diamante Lobo a.k.a A Bullet from God 
Golan-Globus Productions, Dunamis Cinematografica, Irwin Yablans Company, The Rovi, Italy, Israel, 1977. 
God's Gun title
This movie can be found in Ten Thousand Ways to Die The Spaghetti Western Collection 12 Movie Pack by Mill Creek Entertainment. The menu music of this box set is a loop from this movie! 

Now this is something I did not expect, Spaghetti western produced by Menahem Golan & Yoram Globus. 

Bandits come to town and disrupt a puppet show. Sam Clayton's (Jack Palance) gang robs a bank. Sam has nephews Jess Clayton (Robert Lipton),Zeke Clayton (Jack's son Cody Palance) and Red (Ian Sander). Meanwhile Father John (Lee Van Cleef) teaches Johnny (Leif Garrett) to throw horseshoes. Father John has brother Lewis (Lee Van Cleef) who is a gunfighter. Johnny's mother Jenny (Sybil Danning) is not happy when Sam and his gang come to Jenny's Saloon and behave badly. 
Lee Van Cleef
Father John
Leif Garrett
Ricardo David and Chin Chin
Puppeteers Angel George (Ricardo David) and Willy (Chin Chin)
When a man is murdered in the saloon, Johnny goes to Father John for help. The Sheriff (Richard Boone) is useless, so John goes to teach the villains some humility and fear of God. He manages to arrest the whole gang alone. The gang escapes and murders Father John. 
Jack Palance
Sam Clayton
Sybil Danning
Richard Boone
The Sheriff
Johnny decides to go to Mexico and find Lewis. It is a bit difficult because Johnny has lost his voice. However he finds Lewis and his daughter Juanita (Zila Carni). Lewis decides to avenge his brother's death. Lewis tells his life story. Also Father John was a gunslinger before becoming a priest. 
This is Mexico
Lee Van Cleef
One of Sam's overacting henchmen, Rip (Didi Lukov)
The production values are quite low, apparently the production had many problems. At least Jack Palance seems to have fun. Lee Van Cleef wears a funny wig. Western legend Richard Boone is sadly terribly written in this film. Sante Maria Romitelli's music is quite good. Despite the problems it is interesting as an early Golan-Globus production and okay story, but could have been better with larger budget and better direction. The finale is cheesy but entertaining. I wonder if "Call of Juarez" video game took some influences from this film for character Reverend Ray. 

Rating: Average

Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance, Richard Boone, Sybil Danning, Leif Garrett, Robert Lipton, Cody Palance, Ian Sander, Pnina Rosenblum, Zila Carni, Heinz Bernard, Didi Lukov, Ricardo David, Chin Chin, Rafi Ben Ami, Franco Pesce, Carolyn Stellar 
Director: Gianfranco Parolini (as Frank Kramer)


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