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Movie Review: Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Keypix Productions, USA, 2012.
Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups title
Might as well watch this one too, as it is still Yule time.

It is summer and the elves are resting. Santa Paw's wife Mrs. Paws gets pups: Hope, Jingle, Charity, and Noble. Eli the Elf (Danny Woodburn) and Eddy the Elf Dog start training the Santa Pups. The Pups are quite rascals and not yet up to their names.
Pat Finn and Cheryl Ladd
Santa (Pat Finn) and Mrs. Claus
The Santa Pups
Christmas is nearing and Mrs. Claus (Cheryl Ladd) travels to Pineville to recruit new Christmas ambassador. The pups "loan" Eddy's Christmas crystal and hide in the sleigh. They plan to grant Christmas wishes.
Note: The introduction of four Santa pups creates a big continuity error with the original "Santa Buddies." If "The Search for Santa Paws" was the (kind of) prequel to "Santa Buddies" then it would be logical that Santa Paws had only one pup named Puppy Paws. Now he has four. There goes the continuity out the window. Whoosh!

Young boy Carter Reynolds (Josh Feldman) has lost his Christmas spirit. His sister Sarah (Kaitlyn Maher who played Quinn in the prequel) likes Christmas but misses their mum who has died. Their father Thomas (George Newbern) is DJ on local Xmas radio station. Mrs. Claus hears Sarah singing and wants to make her ambassador. However Thomas hires Mrs. Claus as nanny. The pups fulfill wishes in Pineville but then Carter wishes that the Christmas spirit would go away. Oops.
Kaitlyn Maher  and Josh Feldman
Sarah and Carter
Christmas cold starts spreading and the people lose Christmas spirit and go rude. Even jovial Mayor Denny (Obba Babatundé) loses his temper. Santa pups get captured and locked in dog pound. The Great Christmas Icicle is melting fast! It is up to Mrs. Claus, Sarah and the doggies to save Christmas. (Also anyone who has seen the previous films knows that when the going gets tough also Eli and Eddy arrive in their van to help.
Obba Babatundé
Mayor Denny
Bright Sisters
Compared to the prequel, the sugar overdose is not quite as bad. The songs look more like traditional musical numbers. Also addition of three Bright sisters Agnes (Ali Hillis), Dorothy (Audrey Wasilewski) and Blue (Jennifer Elise Cox) brings some merriment. Also it was nice that Mrs. Claus got a bigger role. Again it is a nice movie for kids and maybe a bit more easier for adults to watch than the previous "Santa Paws"- films.

Rating: Average

Starring: Cheryl Ladd, Danny Woodburn, Kaitlyn Maher, Pat Finn, Paul Rae, Adanna Avon, Obba Babatundé, Diedrich Bader, Claire Bernier, Samantha Bleich, Joey Bothwell, Jay Brazeau, Bill Chott, Chris Coppola, Jennifer Elise Cox, Tom Everett Scott, Josh Feldman, Brian T. Finney, Josh Flitter, Chris Gautier, Aidan Gemme, Tatiana Gudegast, G. Hannelius, Ethan Heavey, Ali Hillis, Abby Anne Hughes, Bryce Clyde Jenkins, Richard Kind, George Newbern, Nic Novicki, Marlowe Peyton, Mikey Post, Ted Rooney, Bonnie Somerville, Michael Teigen, Audrey Wasilewski, Trevor Wright, Richard Duke, Rocky the Terrier 
Director: Robert Vince

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