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Movie Review: 40 Days and Nights

40 Days and Nights
The Asylum, USA, 2012.
A huge flood hits Sahara drowning some teens. Scientists build an ark to store DNA for rebuilding the ecosystem. John (Alex Carter) and his fiancee Tessa (Monica Keena) work in the project. When a train carrying DNA samples is delayed due to landslide, Tessa and Masters (Christianna Carmine) must go fetch them. Also the power cell of the ark is malfunctioning so John and Amato (Ty Barnett) must find a new one.
The ark
Monica Keena and Alex Carter
Tessa and John
Biblical level disaster strikes
Various people try to reach the ark, but only few can be saved (most of the who cares characters are expendables). Admiral Wallace (Scott Hoxby) is very strict about who can enter the ark. Not that the sideplot finally matters much. As the ark barely holds together, Engineer Maddie (Emily Sandifer), Amato and Masters have to work extra time.
Christianna Carmine
Scott Hoxby
Admiral Wallace
Emily Sandifer
"2012" rip-off with laughable effects. The script seems to have had some ambitious scifi attempt but the film looks hastily made and drowns any possibly interesting ideas. The director fails to make anything exciting and the story jumps from one scene to another without much thought. There are some inconsistencies with the character names and it looks like many scenes were filmed with only one take. It is one of the weakest Asylum efforts of 2012. If there is anything good to be said at least The Asylum has again cast some pretty ladies.
Hyams (Dominic Ledesma), Captain Bridges(Kevin Jackson)  and Oates (Victoria Barabas)

Rating: Very bad

Starring: Alex Carter, Monica Keena, Alex Arleo, Alex Ball, Victoria Barabas, Ty Barnett, David Bittick, Adam Burch, Hector Luis Bustamante, Christianna Carmine, Marcus Choi, Emily Davenport, Evan Dumouchel, Susannah Hart Jones, Scott Hoxby, Kevin Jackson, Jonah Keal, Hina Khan, Jon Kondelik, Dominic Ledesma, Mitch Lerner, Kaiwi Lyman, Rose McConnell (as Kimberly McConnell), Emilio Palame, Rich Paul, Andrew Pirozzi, Emily Sandifer, Aurelia Scheppers, Tom Seidman, Derek Shaun, Kristian Steel, David Venafro, Dylan Vox, Hilary Wagner, Delpaneaux Wills, Paul Addicott, Olga Antnova, Joan Baca, Brian C. Bell, Grace Mondics 
Director: Peter Geiger


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