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Movie Review: Cyber Tracker

Cyber Tracker a.k.a CyberTracker a.k.a Cyber Warrior 
PM Entertainment Group, USA, 1994. 
Cyber Tracker title
In the future (2014) crime is rampant. Cyborg police units or Cyber Trackers (Jim Maniaci) have the powers to be the jury, judge and executioner. However they are protested as they often kill innocents. Eric Phillips (kickboxing world champion Don 'The Dragon' Wilson) is a bodyguard working for Cybercore corporation. A group of human right activists try to assassinate Senator Dilly (John Aprea who has appeared in many TV shows such as "Falcon Crest") who is proponent of robot enforcers. 
Jim Maniaci
Cyber Tracker
John Aprea
Senator Dilly
Don 'The Dragon' Wilson
Eric prevents the attempt but steps on the feet of his superior Ross (Richard Norton, who has appeared in many Hong Kong martial arts films and also in "Mad Max: Fury Road"). Eric chills out by drinking with his best buddy, home computer system Agnes 4000. It is a handy computer and can even simulate being drunk. Eric's wife Kate (Christina Naify) has divorced him because Eric has too many scars. 
Richard Norton
Christina Naify
The senator and Ross test Eric's loyalty by taking his along to murder cyborg scientist Stephanie (Dana Sparks who is better known for her TV roles such as in "JAG" or "Falcon Crest") who is involved in the resistance. Eric tries to stop the murder and gets framed for it. As he is a martial artists he kicks his way out from the police station. Corrupt Police Chief Olson (Abby Dalton, also known for "Falcon Crest"!) sends Cyber Tracker after him. Eric damages and finally destroys him.
Dana Sparks
Abby Dalton
Chief Olson
Jim Maniaci
Damaged Cyber Tracker
Eric meets the rebels and reporter Connie (Stacie Foster) who is their boss. Connie recruits Eric to join the resistance as what else could he do. The notable rebels are:

-Gil (Edward Blanchard) is a hacker who speaks some jargon and finally says that Cyber Trackers are perfect.
-Becca (Duchess Dale) is mother of a little girl.
-Jared (Steve Burton) has a chip on his shoulder as Eric killed his brother.
-Ally (Lisa Larosa) is young student and Jared's girlfriend.
-Marcus (David Barnathan) tries to keep Jared cool.
Duchess Dale, Steve Burton, Lisa Larosa, David Barnathan
Becca, Jared, Ally and Marcus
Edward Blanchard
Gil and his supercomputers
Stacie Foster
The rebels plan to attack Cybercore's Aquarius Lab and expose the conspiracy. Chairman Rounds (Joseph Ruskin) wants to be a god and plans to replace humans with cyborgs. However the rebels' plot goes awry when Cyber Tracker pays them a surprise visit.
Joseph Ruskin
Chairman Rounds
"Cyber Tracker" has surprisingly many actors from "Falcon Crest." The film follows in the wake of "Robocop" and "Terminator" with some rebel fighter action. Pepin and Merhi production has some good cheapo action scenes and lots of explosions. And more explosions. And even more explosions. However the story loses some of its momentum after the first action scenes as the indestructible Cyber Trackers are not so indestructible after all. Don The Dragon has good martial arts scenes and Jim Maniaci is convincingly menacing cyborg.
More explosions!
Some hilarity comes from the bad CGI-effect when Cyber Tracker takes gun from inside his leg. Microphone makes guest appearance at 0:18:18. Kudos for combining cheap synthesizer music with choral singing (sounds quite awesome actually). Followed by a sequel!

IMDB trivia: "Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, despite the name, is in actual fact not a dragon."

Rating: Good (as a cheap cyborg-film) / Bad (as a regular film)

Starring: Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, Richard Norton, Stacie Foster, Joseph Ruskin, John Aprea, Abby Dalton, Steve Burton, David Barnathan, Edward Blanchard, Lisa Larosa, Christina Zilber (as Christina Naify), Duchess Dale, G. William Keith, Peter Kluge, Dana Sparks, Kenneth Benjamin, Kevin Carr, Joel Weiss, Matthew David Smith, Tony Lani, Judy Lea Lani, Art Camacho, Jim Maniaci, Ryal Haakenson, Jay Lasoff, Craig Richards, Tim Scanlon
Director: Richard Pepin


  1. Jatko-osa olisi kiva löytää jostakin. Toistaiseksi ei tuuri sen suhteen ole kuitenkaan käynyt.

    1. Mulla on sekin, tilasin vähän aikaa sitten britti-Amazonista pennillä (+postikulut)

    2. No ei ollut hinnalla pilattu sitten se, hehheh.

  2. Don "the Dragon" Wilsonilla on filmografiassaan useita mainioita roskaelokuvia, joihin Cyber Tracker voidaan laskea mukaan, mutta ou mään, jopa huonoksi näyttelijäksi hän on huono.

    1. Juu, se on parempi ettei Don yritä liikaa draamaa vaan pitäytyy kickboxingissa.


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