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Movie Review: Ardennes Fury

Ardennes Fury a.k.a Battle of the Ardennes: Fury a.k.a Fury
Tiki Terrors, LLC, The Asylum, USA, 2014. 
Ardennes Fury
The Asylum makes a film that has a tank and a similar title to a high profile film with a budget that would have gone to Brad Pitt's hairdo alone! Who would have thought of that? 

Sergeant Lance Dawson's (Tom Stedham) tank gets stranded behind enemy lines in summery Ardennes (wait wait the Battle of the Bulge was during wintertime). The crew splits up with couple of guys left to guard the tank and Dawson and few others go scouting. They meet a nun in distress (Lauren Vera) and decide to save orphans before the Nazis kill them. Nasty Nazi Major Heston Zeller (Tino Struckmann) and Sergeant Gretsch (Eric C. Schmitz) try to catch them all.
Larry Gamell Jr. and Tom Steadham
Sgt. Nathaniel Rose (Larry Gamell Jr.) and Sgt. Lance Dawson
Tank battles!
Sister Claudette (Lauren Vera) and the kids (Carl C Klug and Jenna Klug)
Usual war movie cliches are used plenty. Camera shakes like it has a bad hangover. The epicity of the battle scenes is diminished by the fact that there are about five soldiers in the Wehrmacht and also the American Army is badly undermanned. The tank battles mix decent prop vehicles, terrible CGI and some cheap gore effects. Historians and militaria enthustiastics will chew the movie apart for the inaccuracies. As an old reader of "Commando" comics (known in Finland as "Korkeajännitys") it is not without some entertaining qualities and there is a good pace of war adventure. Some scenes look like they really tried to push the budget to achieve some epicity. However the individual good scenes can not remove the feeling that it is a really cheap war movie.
Eric C. Schmitz and Tino Struckmann
Sergeant Gretsch and Major Heston Zeller
German base
Rating: Average

Starring: Tom Stedham, Bill Voorhees, Tino Struckmann, Larry Gamell Jr., Lauren Vera, Yaron Urbas, Analiese Anderson, Trey Hough, Elvin Manges, Kyle Golden, Eric C. Schmitz, Jenna Klug, Carl J. Klug, Colleen Sinor, James Poule, Savannah Kiefer, Logan Kiefer, Eric s Wilson, David Effler, T.J. McDonnell, Steve Effler, Aidan Devillier, Kendrick Blinn, Anthony Roberts, Billy Colwell, Brian Miller, Brian S. Moe, Charles Breeden Sr., Charles Breeden Jr., Collin Cliburn, Devin Litaker, Childress Dustin, Ethan H. Diggs, Jared Nabinger, Jacob Cook, Jaden C. Johnson, Jackson Smith, John Dieter Diggs, Jonah Nabinger, Joshua Nabinger, Justin Courville, Kellans Copell, Lee Tingey, Matthew Pendergraft, Phillip Agee, Raphael Edmond, Shane Leon, Sean Higgs, Thomas Marzocchi, Vin Manges, Frank Arend
Director: Joseph J. Lawson


  1. Budget rubbish waste of time watching!

  2. In addition to the cheap effects (exploding tanks), I thought that the acting of Lauren Vera (Sister Claudette) was in spots about the worst film acting I had ever seen. Perhaps the director is at fault, but her emotions and body positions were as predictable as a high school drama production. I'm sure this film put a bullet in her career.

  3. Straight forward and genuine in its essence resonates well while not being pretentious or overbearing: hits some emotional buttons with its honest acting,


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