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Movie Review: Day of the Dead: The Beginning

Day of the Dead: The Beginning a.k.a Day of the Dead 2: Contagium a.k.a Contagium 
Taurus Entertainment Company, USA, 2005.
Day of the Dead The Beginning title
Originally I wanted to watch George A. Romero's "Survival of the Dead" here but the disc froze after first fifteen minutes so I'll have to watch it later if I find a replacement copy. So let's watch 'prequel' to Romero's "Day of the Dead" instead.

In 1968 a Russian defector with vials of zombie virus causes a zombie outbreak in American hospital. The army kills everyone inside but it is already too late. Someone stole a thermos bottle containing a virus.

In 2005 there is a mental institute near the location of the hospital. Patients Emma (Laurie Baranyay) and Isaac (Justin Ipock) consider about starting a relationship but a mean butch Vicky (Jackeline Olivier) bullies them. Sympathetic Doctor Donwynn (Stephan Wolfert) tries to help the as much as he can but a cold hearted Dr Heller (Andreas van Ray) throws a spanner in the works. The "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" drama comes to an end when the patients find and open the thermos bottle. And the zombie epidemic is caused by... space fairies(!?)
Laurie Baranyay
Stephan Wolfert
Doctor Donwynn
Justin Ipock
Isaac and the space zombie fairy

My brain melts.

This is the sequel of underrated zombie classic (or rather prequel of its remake that was made in 2008 (!) ) that nobody asked for. It is very gory with gruesome makeup effects. Before the gorehounds and splatter fans get interested it must also be said that in addition to that there is very little of anything worth watching as it is also extremely boring. It has nothing left of Romero's style and even any social commentary it may contain is weak. The ending just screams that they ran out of money. Even at their worst, any of the real Romero-zombie flicks is much more recommended than this. Heck, even "Day of the Dead" remake was better than this which is much to say about this film.

A terrible, terrible film.

Rating: Very bad

Starring: Laurie Baranyay, Stan Klimecko (as Steve Colosi), John F. Henry II, Justin Ipock, Julian Thomas, Stephan Wolfert, Samantha Clarke, Joe C. Marino, Jackeline Olivier, Andreas van Ray, April Wade, Kevin Wetmore Jr., Simon Burzynski, Mike Dalager, Christopher Estes, Anna Lerbom, Jacob Lopez, Michael Moon, Donald Osborne, Stephen Sanders, Andre Dupont, Charlie Graves, Joshua Heck, Jeffrey Jon Mayes, Michael Tumino, Albert Stroh, Andy S. Allen, Christopher Stanley Burton, Derrick Carr, Shasa Dabner, Melissa Frederick, Mark McKenna Johnson, Anebey Monyei, Brandon Ellison, James Glenn Dudelson, Wendy Wells, Jason Alan Miller, Laynee Jennings, Kelly Ciriero, Joseph Marino, Johnny Diaz Reyes, Gia Franzia, Chris Morrissey, Giacinto Pira + huge number of medical staff, zombie and military personnel extras
Directors: Ana Clavell, James Glenn Dudelson


  1. Tämän jälkeen samat tekijät saivat pieniin päihinsä idean tehdä Creepshow 3: sen... umpisurkeasti...

    1. Katsot sen kuitenkin. Tulet kärsimään, kuten mekin olemme kärsineet.

    2. Nonniin. Mietin miksi Creepshow 3:n kansi näytti tutulta ja Dark Label 2 boksistahan se irvistää. Samasta lodjusta löytyy myös Ulli Lommelin 'mestariteos' Tomb.

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    4. Mainittuja leffoja voi heittää edes kompostiin, sillä siitä pätkähtää heti syyte ympäristörikoksesta.


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