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Movie Review: The City That Forgot About Christmas

The City That Forgot About Christmas 
Lutheran Television, Screen Images, Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, International Lutheran Laymen's League, USA, 1974.
The City That Forgot About Christmas

Part of Mill Creek's Family Holiday 20 Film Collection. 

Based on Mary Warren's book.

Benji is trying to wrap Christmas gift boxes but his parents are too busy to help. Waldo the dog ruins the Christmas tree, and gets thrown out. Benji gets frustrated with all the fussing. Grandpa tells a story about city where people forgot about Christmas. Everyone was rude and selfish. Carpenter Matthew and his dog Gabriel arrive to the city. He begins to help people and tells about Jesus and soon the people feel happy. But naughty Mayor and his clumsy henchmen want to ruin the Christmas party by stealing doll Jesus.
Benji and Waldo
Matthew makes the people happy
The Mayor
24 minute Christian animation tells a Christmas tale about the deeper meaning of Christmas. There are some songs and some humour too to lighten up the story. It is something that could be watched in Sunday school. Take it either as a recommendation or a warning depending on your stance on religious subjects. Benji and Waldo also appeared in other religious animations and comic books. 

Rating: Subjective.

Voice actors: Sebastian Cabot, Charles Nelson Reilly, Louis Nye, Casey Kasem, Robie Lester, Don Messick, Joan Gardner, David Kelley, Phil Morris, Dina Lynn, Gary Shapiro, Sonny Melendrez 
Production director: Leonard L. Gray

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