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Movie Review: Windfall (2003)

Windfall (2003)
American Cinema International, Media Pro Pictures, Nu Image / Millennium Films, USA, Romania, 2003. 

Mr. Wescott (Ray Wise) opens Casino Royale in South Carolina. Scratch (Robert Englund) and Ace Logan (Casper Van Dien) try to rob the casino but security chief Bill Trask (Gregg Henry) foils their plan. After a furious chase the boys get caught. However they avoid prison by agreeing to work for Mr. Wescott as casino guards although Trask and assistant Amber Malley (Libby Hudson Lydecker) express their disagreement about the deal. Ace and Scratch, a little bit criminals but good men.
Casper Van Dien
Robert Englund
Ray Wise
Mr. Wescott
Hurricane Brenda is approaching the island where the casino is located. Meteorologists John (Jeff Celentano) and Melanie (Brenda Epperson) try to warn. Meanwhile Trask is stealing money from Wescott, and his gang tries to get rid of Ace and Amber who are becoming close. Trask plans to rob the casino during the storm. Not going to happen if Ace, Scratch and Amber have their say. 
Libby Hudson Lydecker
Gregg Henry
Brenda Epperson and Jeff Celentano
Melanie and John
Direct to video action thriller / disaster movie hybrid has some familiar faces, there is Laura Palmer's dad, Freddy Krueger, Casper Van Dien himself and Gregg Henry, known for numerous movies and TV-series. Also the henchmen are commonly visitors in TV-shows. The story has the style of 1990s action thrillers. This seems to be a quite little known film although it is far from being Casper Van Dien's worst. Make no mistake, it has a silly script, some questionable acting and obvious goofs are plentiful. Night turns into a day in just five minutes et cetera. But it is dumb and fun, a slightly positive surprise as I wasn't expecting much. It is still better than, let's say, most Steven Seagal's East-European productions. There are some nice chase scenes too. Ray Wise has the best role as a benevolent casino owner. Robert Englund is underused but has some fun scenes. Van Dien is playing the same hero role as always. Gregg Henry imitates Gary Busey's villains. 

Rating: Good (as a direct to video movie)

Starring: Casper Van Dien, Gregg Henry, Libby Hudson Lydecker, Robert Englund, Ray Wise, Cyril O'Reilly, Daniel Roebuck, Jeremy Roberts, Jeff Kober, Florin Tanase, Paul Andreescu, Kristin Herold, Brenda Epperson, Jeff Celentano, Adrian Codrescu, Ion Cavase, Marian Vasile, Andi Marian, Corina Danila, Plavitiu George, Ion Constantinescu, Ted Pretty, Loredana Groza, Adrian Pavlovschi 
Director: Gerry Lively


  1. Yllättävän katsottava noin niin kuin Van Dien pätkäksi. Tosin olihan hänellä tässä hyviä apumiehiä (Englund, Wise ja Henry) jelppimässä, joten se varmasti vaikutti asiaan paljolti.

    1. Kieltämättä ilman apumiehiä tämä olisi ollut paljon kankeampi tapaus.

  2. Muistan kanssa nyökänneeni hyväksyvästi kun tämän katsoin.

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