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Movie Review: Barbie in A Christmas Carol

Barbie in A Christmas Carol a.k.a Barbie: A Christmas Carol
Mattel Entertainment, Rainmaker Entertainment, USA, Canada, 2008. 

Free adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. 

Barbie and her little sister Shelly are going to charity dance ball but Shelly (Kelly in American version) doesn't want to go. Barbie tells a story about selfish singer Eden Starling who lived in the Victorian Era England. She had a goofy cat Chuzzlewit. Barbie performs the role of Eden, which is a bit more unusual role as usually her characters are nicer. Eden is a pompous diva who mistreats her best friend Catherine (played by Barbie's friend Nikki) and cancels her staff's Christmas vacation. At night his ghost aunt Marie appears and proclaims that she should learn to be unselfish or else. 
Barbie and Shelly
Barbie as Eden
Eden Starling
NIkki as Catherine
Catherine Beadnell
Spirit Of Christmas Past shows that Eden had a harsh childhood. Spirit Of Christmas Present shows what her workers think about her and Spirit Of Christmas Future shows what will happen if Eden continues with her selfish ways.
Christmas is canceled
The ever so cheery Spirit Of Christmas Past made Eden show a Meh face:
Here I am again outside of the main target audience, reviewing a movie for little girls. But why not. "A Christmas Carol" is an often filmed classic story, the 1936 version is reviewed here, the modern version with Bill Murray here and the Muppets version here. The character played by Barbie is edgier than usually, so the character gains a bit more dimension. It is also explored why she became like the way she is. Some darker parts of the original story have been softened and some comedy has been added. The cat has funny scenes and Eden's workers and Christmas Spirits are quite fun too. The songs have some prettily sung carols. Barbie's version retains the original heart-warming message although some details are changed and there are some adorable orphans too. For the target audience it is a nice first introduction to Dickens' classic tale.
Adorable orphans
Friends again

Rating: Good

Voice actors: Kelly Sheridan, Morwenna Banks, Melissa Lyons, Prudence Edwards, Leanne Araya, Kandyse McClure, Shauntia Fleming, Kathleen Barr, Pam Hyatt, abitha St. Germain, Lisa Roth, Gwynyth Walsh, Kelly Bixby, Amelia Henderson, Michael Ann Angone, Fabrice Grover, Tim Fett, Shannon Chan-Kent, Luke Smith, Anthony Fett, Melissa Lloyd, Morgan Roff, Terry Klassen, Chicago Children's Choir
Director: William Lau

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