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Movie Review: Hologram Man

Hologram Man a.k.a Cyber Killer
PM Entertainment Group Inc., USA, 1995.

Naughty bad terrorist Slash Gallagher (Evan Lurie) causes trouble for rookie Lieutenant Decoda (Joe Lara) and his rulebook trashing Chief Wes Strickland (John Amos). Slash is going to assassinate Governor Stan Hampton (Alex Cord) and despite the best efforts of Decoda and Strickland he succeeds. 
Joe Lara
Evan Lurie
Slash Gallagher
Slash is sentenced to biopersonal rectification programming in holographic prison (umm, okay). In near future that is the hottest hot in correctional facilities. While Slash is in prison, huge Biodome is build above the city. There are flying cars and stuff. Crime is increasing and the state has become totalitarian. CalCorp company boss Jameson (Michael Nouri) rules with iron fist. The laws are so strict that no one is allowed to skip watching the news. Decoda abandons Lorenzo Lamas-look and adopts Nicholas Cage's look from "Con Air." Slash's friends One-Eye (Nicholas Worth) and 8-Ball (Tommy 'Tiny' Lister) hack the prison system with traitor Manny Giggles (William Sanderson) and Hologram Man escapes. 
Evan Lurie
Hologram Slash
Joe Lara
Decoda five years later
Arabella Holzbog
Decoda and his cop partner Andy Carradine (Anneliza Scott) try to stop Slash but it is impossible as Slash is bsically a ghost. To interact with objects slash needs a rubber skin. Slash uses psychotic liberty fighter tactics to topple the government. Decoda's ladyfriend Natalie (Arabella Holzbog) is a scientist whose father created the Holographic Prison, so maybe she can balance the unfair advantage.
Anneliza Scott
Nicholas Worth
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister
There is a vehicle that has the same function as Slicer in H.B. Halicki's uncompleted "Gone in 60 Seconds 2." Lot's of location are the same as in "Cybertracker" or "Cybertracker 2" and the shoot-out in a warehouse looks eerily familiar too. Some cost-cutting had to be made as there is a lots of action with enough firearms to start a small civil war, explosive car stunts and cheesy 1990s virtual reality effects. The futuristic world looks more enthusiastically (but cheaply) made than in usual low budget direct-to-video films. It doesn't make it a great film but it is quite impressing how many weird futuristic ideas Pepin and Merhi were able to include in the story. Biodome, VR-combat training arena, wild holographic technology, fullbody rubber masks and evil mega-company, and an insane amount of explosions. The silliness of the plot can be forgiven as the entertainment value (both intentional and unintentional) is good.
Cyber killer
Rocket cars!
Michael Nouri

The Finnish DVD suffers from bad and broken subtitles


Starring: Joe Lara, Evan Lurie, Michael Nouri, John Amos, Tina Arning, Tody Bernard, Rod Britt, Chuck Butto, Joseph Campanella, Alex Cord, James Daughton, Arabella Holzbog, David Kagen, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Jim Maniaci, Derek McGrath, Kathrin Middleton, Stephen Quadros, Scott Riddle, William Sanderson, Anneliza Scott, Michele Smith, Paul G. Volk, Nicholas Worth, Cole S. McKay
Director: Richard Pepin

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