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Movie Review: Hercules Against the Moon Men

Hercules Against the Moon Men (Maciste e la regina di Samar) 
Starring: Sergio Ciani (as Alan Steel), Jany Clair, Anna Maria Polani, Nando Tamberlani, Delia D'Alberti, Goffredo Unger, Anna Maria Dionisio, Paola Pitti, Giuliano Raffaelli, Stefano Carletti, Roberto Ceccacci, Attilio Dottesio, Franco Morici, Jean-Pierre Honoré 
Director: Giacomo Gentilomo 
Nike Cinematografica, Comptoir Français de Productions Cinématographiques (CFPC), France, Italy, 1964.
Hercules Against the Moon Men title
This movie is published as a part of Warriors 50 movie pack box published by Mill Creek Entertainment. 

A meteor falls on Earth and makes the mountain of Samar to erupt. Weird new creatures appear and the people of Samar have to sacrifice children and women to them. Gladius (Nando Tamberlani) tells Queen Samara (Jany Clair) that the people are tired of the sacrifices. He tells that there is a strong man who may destroy the monsters. Samara angrily drives Gladius away. He still plans a secret meeting with Hercules (Sergio Ciani). Actually the guy's original name in the Italian version is Maciste. 
Nando Tamberlani
Jany Clair
Queen Samara
Goffredo Unger
Queen's henchman Remar
Hercules beats some killers sent by Samara with a piece of wood. The Moon Men declare that Samara has failed (the Moon Man looks like Manny from Grim Fandango). The Moon Men plan to rule the world and make Samara a powerful woman. Princess Billis (Delia D'Alberti) must be brought to be sacrificed, The Moon Men want to revive their leader Queen Silena (Delia D'Alberti). 
Sergio Ciani Alan Steel
Sergio Ciani
Hercules fights the attackers
Queen's half-sister Billis is in love with Darix (Jean-Pierre Honoré). Hercules meets daughter of Gladius, Agar (Anna Maria Polani). She brings him to Gladius. Hercules suspects that the ruffians thought that he was a rich merchant with sacks of gold (yeah that could be the reason, not). The queen spies on them using eavesdropping devices. 
Jean-Pierre Honoré
Delia D'Alberti
Princess Billis
Jany Clair
Samara is listening
Before Agar has time to warn Hercules and Gladius, Gladius is killed by a spear trap. Hercules falls into pit filling with water. Queen's henchman Remar (Goffredo Unger) operates the traps. After climbing out Hercules is attacked by something, let's just call it ManBearPig. After beating it and bending some iron bars, Hercules reunites with Agar. Agar falls in love with Hercules. 
Anna Maria Polani
Gladius is killed by spear trap
Weird "ManBearPig" monster
Billis wants to marry Darix and asks permission from Samara. Samara says that Darix must first make a short diplomatic visit. Meanwhile Darix is negotiating with citizens about fighting the Moon Men. Timor (Franco Morici) is prepared to fight to the death. Hercules and Agar arrive. Samara's soldiers are searching for Hercules. Hercules hides in Tirteo's (Giuliano Raffaelli) tavern. 

Billis and Agar go to get help from Hercules when they notice that Darix is entering a trap. Darix is wounded by an arrow. Soldiers capture him but Hercules rushes to the scene. The soldiers' helmets make amusing clop! sounds when Hercules hits them. Full moon is approaching so soldiers go capturing some victims. Soldiers capture Billis. Tirteo's daughter (Paola Pitti) joins the heroes. Hercules runs after the prisoners. The soldiers capture Hercules with a net. 
The Moon Men plan to use blood of Billis to wake Silena. Billis tries to escape but rock monsters stop her. When the stars are right the Moon Men will make mountains crumble and oceans rise. Only the Moon Men and Samara will survive. Samara must first kill Hercules. Hercules is chained to a spike trap that would make Jigsaw proud. Hercules must push hard to keep the jaws open. Finally the machine breaks. 
Rock monsters
Hercules in spike trap
The Queen Samara has magic powder that makes every man fall in love with her. Hercules pretends to be in love with her. Darix is recovering but the soldiers capture him and Agar. Hercules tries to make Samara reveal the Moon Men's plan. He pretends to betray Agar and Darix and suggests a punishment: death by starvation! 
Samara tries to seduce Hercules
The citizens are keeping their endless meetings. Officer of the royal guards Rubio (Antonio Corevi) joins them, because army is also tired of their family members being sacrificed. The citizens finally decide to do something. Samara tells Hercules that Billis is in the Mountain of Death. Hercules escapes, fights the guards and releases Agar and Darix. The people attack the palace. Remar meets his demise when he tries to kill Hercules. 

There is a bad sandstorm. The name of the Moon Man is Rudolphis (Roberto Ceccacci). Samara runs to him, and Rudolphis says that she betrayed them. The rock men give her a tight hug. Vulcanoes erupt and oceans storm. Hercules goes to the Moon Man base and throws a rock man. He makes stones collapse on them. He tosses Rudolphis to a chasm. Hercules destroys the power source of the Moon Men and rescues Billis. Agar and Darix also arrive. Hercules leaves together with Agar to continue his adventures. 
Moon Man using evil powers
Sergio Ciani and Anna Maria Polani
Hercules and Agar continue their adventures
This is weird low budget mix of peplum and scifi genres but strangely entertaining. There are strange monsters and funny fights. Sergio Ciani has some fun as Hercules. The sandstorm part of the movie drags.

Rating: Good

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