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Movie Review: Hercules and the Princess of Troy

Hercules and the Princess of Troy 
Starring:  Gordon Scott, Paul Stevens, Mart Hulswit, Diana Hyland, Steve Garrett, Gordon Mitchell, George Ardisson, Roger Browne, Jacques Stany, Mario Novelli, Dan Christian, Everett Sloane 
Director: Albert Band 
Embassy Television, Italy, USA, 1965. 
Hercules and the Princess of Troy title
Another movie from Warriors 50 Movie Pack by Mill Creek Entertainment. 

In old Troy the maidens were sacrificed to sea monster. Princess Diana (Diana Hyland) and his uncle the King Petra (Steve Garrett) observe the ritual. Brave soldier Ortag (Roger Browne) tries to kill the monster but fails. 
Mart Hulswit, Paul Stevens, Gordon Scott
Ulysses, Diogenes and Hercules
The ship Olympia arrives with a band of warriors: young prince of Thebes Ulysses (Mart Hulswit), philosopher and Skeptic Diogenes (Paul Stevens), and master of the Olympia, Hercules (Gordon Scott). They fight pirates who have enslaved refugees from Troy. Hercules throws the pirate captain (Gordon Mitchell) into the sea. The freed slaves tell about the sea monster in Troy. While travelling to Troy the heroes save Ortag from the sea. Ortag gives them information about the monsters weaknesses. 
Hercules on his ship
The ship is quite impressive
Gordon Scott and Gordon Mitchell
Hercules fights the pirate captain
Hercules wants to fight the monster. He needs two invulnerable horses given by Goddess Minerva. Leander (George Ardisson) demonstrates that the horses really are invulnerable. Leander is a bit jealous of Hercules for Diana. 
The team arrives in Troy
George Ardisson
Hercules starts training Leanders team for the Olympics. In the boxing match Botus (Mario Novelli) tries to kill Hercules using poisoned knuckle dusters. However he falls into his own trap.
Diana Hyland and Steve Garrett
Princess Diana and King Petra
Roger Browne

Hercules and the boxer Botus
Diogenes invents a powder that burns in contact with water. Ulysses and Hercules visit Minerva's Grotto, but are ambushed. Hercules pushes a wall over on the attackers. Diogenes has discovered that Petra is trying to get rid of Diana. Petra also killed the previous king, Linus. Petra is plotting with Argus (Jacques Stany) to switch the magic horses to regular ones. Also Diana is selected to be the next maiden to be sacrificed.
Minerva's grotto
Diana Hyland
Diana, Princess of Troy
Petra's men capture Hercules and put him into a well (that looks like a missile silo). In the morning the heroes find Hercules missing. Leander goes to fight the monster. Ortag helps Hercules get out from the well. Hercules defeats Petra's men and the monster. Diana and Leander are left to rule Troy. Hercules and the other heroes continue the long voyage to Thebes.
The well is quite modern-looking
The sea monster
Gordon Scott, Diana Hyland and Geroge Ardisson
Hercules, Diana and Leander
This was the pilot episode of cancelled Hercules TV-show. As such the production values and special effects are good. Also the sets look expensive and the animatronic monster (designed by special effect master Carlo Rambaldi) is great. 


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