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Movie Review: Cleopatra's Daughter

Cleopatra's Daughter (Il sepolcro dei re)
Debra Paget, Ettore Manni, Erno Crisa, Corrado Pani, Yvette Lebon, Andreina Rossi, Ivano Staccioli, Angelo Dessy, Renato Mambor, Nando Tamberlani,  Stefania Ré, Rosalba Neri, Betsy Bell, Amerigo Santarelli, Pietro Ceccarelli 
Director: Fernando Cerchio 
Explorer Film '58, Comptoir Français de Productions Cinématographiques (CFPC), Italy, France, 1960.
Cleopatra's Daughter title
This movie is published as a part of Warriors 50 movie pack box published by Mill Creek Entertainment.

Cleopatra had a daughter Shila (Hollywood beauty Debra Paget) whom she left to be raised in Assyria. After Cleopatra's death young Pharaoh Nemorat (Corrado Pani) came in power. He ruled with his mother Tegi (Yvette Lebon). He wanted to conquer Assyria. 

The prisoners from Assyria are brought to Egypt and soldiers bully them. Pharaoh's physician Resi (Ettore Manni) intervenes. Resi is a good doctor who cares for the poor. Pharaoh is hypochondriac who fears that mosquitoes or ants will get into his brain. Tegi believes that Nemorat's health will improve when he gets married with Shila. Shila agrees to marriage if her people can go free. However she is shocked to hear that her parents and brothers were killed. She wants to die also, but Resi consoles her and encourages her. 
Ettore Manni and Corrado Pani
Physician Resi and Pharaoh Nemorat
Debra Paget
Princess Shila
Yvette Lebon
Queen Tegi
Shila is loved by the people for her kindness balancing the cruel Pharaoh. Some grave robbers are brought for sentence. However they are poor and hungry and Shila and Resi show sympathy for them. Tegi's counsellor Kefren (Erno Crisa) says that there are not any problems with the grain distribution and that the grave robbers should be punished severely. However rumours say that Kefren is hoarding grain. Nemorat already looks forward to the time when he will be embalmed and put into his tomb together with Shila. Unhappy Shila falls in love with Resi.
Debra Paget and Ettore Manni
Shila and Resi fall in love
Nemorat gets a nervous breakdown and fights with Shila. Kefren and his wife Tyra (Andreina Rossi) seize the opportunity and give poison to Nemorat. Dying Nemorat accuses Shila and wants her to be buried alive with him. Shila's name is scraped off from official texts. Resi has an escape plan, Shila must take potion that makes her appear to be dead. When she is brought in the House of the Dead to wait for burial, Resi will save her.
Erno Crisa and Andreina Rossi
Kefren and his wife Tyra
Corrado Pani pharaoh
Pharaoh is poisoned
Architect Inuni (Robert Alda) has designed the Pharaoh's tomb to be well guarded. He is so proud of his creation that he insists his name must be inscribed on the tomb doors. Kefren is the candidate for the next Pharaoh. Priest of Amon (Nando Tamberlani) is doubtful because of Kefren's unroyal origins. He needs Tegi's approval, and Tegi must marry him.
Robert Alda
Architect Inuni is proud of his work
Nando Tamberlani and Erno Crisa
Priest of Amon and Kefren
Sutek (Pietro Ceccarelli) is the chief of the House of the Dead. Resi bribes him to give him the body of Shila. However Shutek betrays him and does not let take her out from the House of the Dead. Resi fights Sutek and manages to kills him, but also Resi is wounded. Resi's servant Tabor (possibly Renato Mambor? This film is very badly documented) takes him into safety. The dead Pharaoh is taken to be buried. The funeral march sounds like Egyptized version of Chopin's Marche Funèbre. Tabor must get help from the Architect and grave robbers. 
Pietro Ceccarelli
Pietro Ceccarelli and Ettore Manni
Sutek breaks the deal
Ettore Manni and possibly Renato Mambor
Tabor treats Resi's wounds
Superintendent of Necropolis (Ivano Staccioli) is denied access to the tomb. Inuni orders the construction workers killed so they will not reveal the secrets of the tomb. Angry citizens attack the soldiers and capture Inuni. Inuni refuses to help Resi so he must get help from grave robbers. Their "brains" is Maris (spaghetti western and giallo star Rosalba Neri in her early role). Tyra begins to regret killing Nemorat because she can not be queen. Kefren plans to stab her if she becomes difficult. The grave robbers enter the tomb that is filled with traps. The finally manage to free Shila. Even the Architect gets enthusiastic about saving Shila. Resi carries out unconscious Shila. 
Layoffs ancient Egyptian style
Rosalba Neri
Grave robber Maris
Sarcophagus of Shila
Meanwhile the Superintendent has heard about suspicious activity in the tomb. He has also secretly helped Maris and he gang to rob the tombs earlier. Inuni makes the grave robbers leave the treasures behind or he will not guide them out. However he has planned a vengeance for the grave robbers, and he makes the entrance collapse sealing them inside. Superintendent finds only Shila's bracelet from the scene. 
Treasures in the tomb
Ivano Staccioli
Superintendent of the Necropolis
Kefren is mopping up and stabs Tyra. She survives long enough to tell the queen about their crime. Superintendent goes to tell the Pharaoh about the happenings at the tomb. Archers come in and superintendent thinks that they are going to shoot him. However the soldiers shoot Kefren first and then the Superintendent. Queen Tegi has got her revenge. Resi, Shila and Tabor ride happily away. 

The entertaining movie combines palace intrigue, romantic adventure and tomb raiding. The cast is quite good. The Egyptian sets and jewelry are good. The historical perspective is irrelevant, somewhere around 10BC Egypt was already a province of Rome.

Rating: Good

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