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Movie Review: Flipper (1996)

Flipper (1996)
Universal Pictures, American Films, The Bubble Factory, USA, 1996.
flipper title
Remake of the 1960s movie that inspired a TV-series.

Rebellious kid Sandy Ricks (Elijah Wood) arrives in Coral Key to spend summer with his fun-loving fisherman Uncle Porter (Paul Hogan). (Note: in the 1960s series Sandy was Porter's son). Porter lives in his house with Pete the Pelican. Porter's messy lifestyle does not appeal to Sandy and he would rather go to Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. Porter's rival Dirk Moran (Jonathan Banks) hates dolphins and kills Flipper the Dolphin's mother. Another danger lurking in the sea is a ferocious hammerhead shark Scar. 
Paul Hogan
Uncle Porter
Elijah Wood
Jonathan Banks
Dirk Moran
Sandy meets shopkeeper and Porter's love interest Cathy (Chelsea Field) and her geeky kid Marvin (Jason Fuchs). Cathy tells that the fishing business suffers because the fish die from dioxin poisoning. Flipper follows Sandy and slowly Sandy begins to adjust to the island life. Especially when he meets pretty girl Kim (Jessica Wesson). However Porter must teach the reckless boy some discipline. Sheriff Buck Cowan (Isaac Hayes) says that the Ricks can not keep Flipper and he has to be freed. However Flipper returns and has gotten sick because of toxic waste.
Chelsea Field and Jason Fuchs
Cathy and Marvin
Jessica Wesson
Isaac Hayes
Sheriff Buck Cowan
Sandy and his friends decide to stop the pollution and arrest the culprit with help from Flipper. Adventure follows and Sandy has the best summer vacation ever!
Nice film for the whole family although the plot treads the well known tracks. The story does not offer many surprises but like any remakes of Lassie, the film is hard to dislike. As feel-good family entertainment it has its place. The dolphin is cute and Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan's presence is a big plus.

Here's theme song of the 1960s series.

Rating: Good

Starring: Elijah Wood, Paul Hogan, Jonathan Banks, Robert Deacon, Ann Carey, Mark Casella, Luke Halpin, Bill Kelley, Chelsea Field, Jason Fuchs, Lindsay Treco, Jessica Wesson, Mal Jones, Louis Seeger Crume, Bill Nolan, Isaac Hayes, Mary Jo Faraci, Allison Bertolino, Kourtney Brown, Danielle Mulholland, Bryon Williams
Director: Alan Shapiro

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