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Movie Review: Jack Hunter and the Star of Heaven

Jack Hunter and the Star of Heaven 
American Cinema International, Oasis Entertainment, Anka Film, USA, Turkey, 2009. 
Jack Hunter and the Star of Heaven title
Final part of the "Jack Hunter" trilogy. 

The visit to the Pharaoh's tomb gave the heroes little more than blisters, bruins and some bad memories. The ancient energy weapon Star of Heaven was stolen by ancient Romans and it is hidden in Turkey. Jack (Ivan Sergei) and NSA-operative Liz (Susan Ward) are chasing naughty rogue treasure hunter Littmann (Thure Riefenstein) who has one part of the weapon Iris of the Heaven. The operation toa arrest him is a catastrophe and Liz vents his frustration on Jack.
Ivan Sergei
Jack Hunter
Susan Ward
A random note: Thure Riefenstein sounds a lot like Vincent Price.

Jack, Tariq (Mario Naim Bassil) and Nadia (Joanne M. Kelly) go to interview antique dealer Armen Antaki (Michael Halphie) for the location of the box containing the part Eye of the Heaven. Unfortunately also Littmann gets the same idea. The Russian mobsters want the ancient laser weapon at any cost. The teamship of Jack and Nadia gets tense because Nadia was Antaki's son's Fuad's (Mert Yavuzcan) old girlfriend. Jack is jealous and Nadia is still not sure if he can trust Jack. Fuad joins the adventurers much to Jack's displeasure.
The relations between Jack and Nadia get tense
Whirling dervishes!
Mert Yavuzcan
Fuad Antaki
This time there is less tomb raiding and more of hunting for antiques, fighting Russian mafia and seeing how the possible romance of Jack and Nadia will go. There is also Tariq's Oscar bait scene where he gives an inspirational speech to Jack. Tariq you goofy Cupido, you! We also get to see Tariq's wife at last. Like the previous parts (one and two) this made for TV movie has adventure, some comedy and romance. Although it brings little new to the adventure genre, it was generally an entertaining watch. Of course it is be clichéd at times but at least the story arc of Jack and his friends comes to a satisfying conclusion.
 Mario Naim Bassil
The final battle of Jack and Littmann is near
Littmann levels up his jedi skills
Rating: Good

Starring: Ivan Sergei, Joanne M. Kelly, Thure Riefenstein, Susan Ward, Nihat Alptekin, Murat Garipagaoglu, Asal Toktamis, Steve Taynton, Mario Naim Bassil, Birol Tarkan Yildiz, Mehmet Polat, Alaina Huffman, Sean Lawlor, Mert Yavuzcan, Muhammed Cangören, Tuncel Kurtiz, Teoman Kumbaracibasi, Sinan Tuzcu, Fatih Haciosmanoglu, Hakan Silahsizoglu, Savas Özdemir, Alper Kul, Michael Halphie, Esin Eden, Orbay Sayu, Tansu Biçer, Volga Sorgu, Silay Ünal, Emre Cosar, Lilie Lossen, Eda Özerkan, Eric Graham, Sinan Mortan, Erden Alkan, Mehmet Can Kilic
Director: Terry Cunningham


  1. Oih, taisin jäädä yksin tuon "mainstream"-ääneni kanssa tuossa kyselyssäsi sivupalkissa... Oh well, kyllä näitä tekstejäsi lukee silti, oli leffa mikä tahansa :D

    1. No, oli siellä äänissä toinenkin mainstreamisti :) Seuraavaksi luvassa muutama mainstream tai ainakin semi-mainstreamleffa.


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