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Movie Review: Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb

Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb
American Cinema International, Oasis Entertainment, Anka Film, USA, Turkey, 2008.
Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb title
Second part of the Jack Hunter TV-movie trilogy that continues where the first movie ended.

Part of the ancient energy weapon Star of Heaven is hidden in Egypt. Jack Hunter's (Ivan Sergei) old flame Lena Halstrom Alaina Huffman) and museum boss Said Shaheen (Tuncel Kurtiz) find an Ugarit obelisk in Egypt. The obelisk is a tool for finding Pharaoh Akhenaten's tomb. Mystical fire-jugglers burn their camp. 
Ivan Sergei
Jack Hunter
Tuncel Kurtiz
Said Shaheen
Alaina Huffman
Lena Halstrom
Jack's friend Liz (Susan Ward) is revealed to be an NSA-agent. She sends Jack and Nadia (Joanne Kelly) to search the hidden  weapon. Tariq (Mario Naim Bassil) the Falafel-expert comes along. The trio joins forces with Lena and her assistant Eyhab (Alper Kul). Soon traitors attack and the heroes become fugitives. New opponents appear, a ferocious Midian cult leader Riyad (Savas Özdemir) and ambitious Colonel (Sinan Tuzcu). Of course the old nemesis Albert Littmann (Thure Riefenstein) is still around. 
Joanne Kelly
Thure Riefenstein
Savas Özdemir
Cult leader Riyad
Continuing the story of the first film this is about as good as the previous, an entertaining mix of tomb raiding and action with comic relief from Tariq. The TV-movie is bit too light for a direct comparison with "Indiana Jones" but more in the vein of "The Librarian" or special episodes of "MacGyver." This time things get complicated by appearance of Jack's old girlfriend who is a snake in the grass. The filming locations (in Egypt or Turkey) look again nice.
Sinan Tuzcu
Riyad playing a jedi
Jack Hunter's adventures continue in "Jack Hunter and the Star of Heaven."

Rating: Good

Starring: Ivan Sergei, Joanne Kelly, Thure Riefenstein, Susan Ward, Nihat Alptekin, Murat Garipagaoglu, Asal Toktamis, Steve Taynton, Mario Naim Bassil, Birol Tarkan Yildiz, Mehmet Polat, Alaina Huffman, Sean Lawlor, Mert Yavuzcan, Muhammed Cangören, Tuncel Kurtiz, Teoman Kumbaracibasi, Sinan Tuzcu, Fatih Haciosmanoglu, Hakan Silahsizoglu, Savas Özdemir, Alper Kul, Michael Halphie, Esin Eden, Orbay Sayu, Tansu Biçer, Volga Sorgu, Silay Ünal, Emre Cosar, Lilie Lossen, Eda Özerkan
Director: Terry Cunningham

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