Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Movie Review: Spiders 3D

Spiders 3D (2D version)
Starring: Patrick Muldoon, Christa Campbell, William Hope, Sydney Sweeney, Shelly Varod
Diretor: Tibor Takács
Nu Image, Millennium Entertainment, USA, Bulgaria, 2013
Okay folks, we are nearing the "so bad it is good" territory here.

A space station crashes to New York's subway tunnels and releases poisonous mutant spiders that were tested in space. Jason Cole (Patrick Muldoon) is a subway operator on shift. He is divorcing his wife Rachel (Christa Campbell) and should attend his daughter Emily's (Sydney Sweeney) birthday. The army wants the queen spider egg that Jason found. They wants to use the super-strong spiderweb or something (however you can cut the web with knife!)
Rachel and Jason get into trouble
Babysitter Phoebe, Emily and Rachel on Emily's birthday party
On Earth the spiders grow larger. The army decides to kill all who know about the eggs, so Jason and his family must run. Much of the movie is about main characters running away either from spiders or soldiers.
Trying to hide in Warehouse. BTW that's nice way to store fragile stuff
Spider's nest
The acting is bad. The effects are bad. The same filming locations are used again and again (building block, underground cavern, subway train). The company signs outside the shops are plain and simple: Art Gallery, Hotel, Medical Clinic, Hair Salon, Music Center, Antic Shop, Office and Warehouse. Even the extras seem bit disinterested, when the main characters are walking the streets there is usually a group of extras often with hoodies on tagging along. 
Group of extras strolling near Antic Shop
Forklift action
However some of the giant spiders look okay for the film's budget. Originally this was filmed in 3D, difficult to say does it make the movie better or worse.
Queen spider on a walk
Rating: This is a bit border case of being so bad it is good or just bad, but let's say: So bad it is good

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