Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Movie Review: Force of Execution

Force of Execution 
Starring: Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, Bren Foster, Jenny Gabrielle, Marlon Lewis, Gillie Da Kid, David House, Big U. Henley, Andy Brooks, Jermaine Washington, Cajardo Rameer Lindsey, Ivan G'Vera, J.D. Garfield, Noel Gugliemi, Rio Alexander, Dylan Kenin, Johnnie Hector ,Binh Dang, Khalic Nance, John Clark, J. Anthony Pena, Ruben Rivera Laguna, Kevin Wiggins, Jim Burleson, Jackie Skobel 
Director: Keoni Waxman 
Voltage Pictures, Steamroller, Picture Perfect Corporation, USA, 2013. 
Alexander Coates (Steven Seagal) is a former government agent who became a mob boss with his own honour code. Alexander punishes severely those who betray his trust. Roman Hurst (Bren Foster) is his most trusted hit man. Alexander sends Hurst to kill snitch Benny (Cajardo Rameer Lindsey) in prison. Ice Man (Ving Rhames) fools Hurst and he kills a wrong man. For failing the mission Alexander's associate Dante (Marlon Lewis) is allowed to beat up Hurst. 
Steven Seagal
Alexander Coates
Bren Foster
Roman Hurst
Prison hit goes wrong
Six months later Hurst is an alcoholic bum with crippled hands. Chef Oso (Danny Trejo) and waitress Karen (Jenny Gabrielle) work in a bar owned by Alexander. Although Alexander retired Hurst he is still taking care of him. Alexander arranges housing for Hurst above the bar. Ice Man is released from jail and he tricks Alexander to trust him. Ice Man begins to rise in power with his right-hand man Clay (Gillie Da Kid). They start taking over Alexander's businesses and brutal gang war begins. 
Danny Trejo
Jenny Gabrielle
Ving Rhames
Ice Man
Street thugs try to rob Oso but Hurst saves him. Although he can not use his hands he still can kick! Ice Man's henchmen try to harass Karen but Hurst and Alexander save her. Alexander wants Hurst to protect Karen. Also Oso knows couple of tricks as he is a former gangster. He is also a Mexican witch doctor. 
Gillie Da Kid
Hostile takeover
Three tough guys (Seagal, Trejo & Rhames) for the price of one + get one free (Foster)! For a change Seagal plays a gangster boss. He does some nice Aikido moves quickly tossing bad guys to the ground. However the main kicker is Tae Kwon Do World Champion Bren Foster. One of Foster's showcase fights is against a thug who brought a shovel to bury Hurst (Foster's real life martial arts mentor Ron Balicki). Rhames pulls off a good gangsta role. Trejo's chef/witch doctor character is fun. The plot is a bit overcomplicated and difficult to follow in the beginning. There is a lot of double crossing and gangster business going on, and it is hard to tell who is working for whom. But the action is entertaining, with both gun fights and hand-to-hand combat.
Seagal knows Aikido
Foster knows Tae Kwon Do
Rating: Good

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