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Movie Review: Titanic 2

Titanic 2 
Starring:  Shane Van Dyke, Marie Westbrook, Bruce Davison, Brooke Burns, Michelle Glavan, Carey Van Dyke, D.C. Douglas, Dylan Vox, Wittly Jourdan, Myles Cranford, Josh Roman, Cameron Gordon, Michael Gaglio, Kendra Waldman, Matt Lagan, Gerald Webb, Amin Joseph, Heather Nemeth, Sarah Belge, Paul Jacques, Wes Van Dyke, Ryn Harrison, Erica Duke, Shannon Murray 
Director: Shane Van Dyke 
The Asylum, USA, 2010.
Titanic II title
Huge iceberg is broken from glacier in Greenland. James Maine (Bruce Davison) goes to investigate it with Dr. Kim Patterson (Brooke Burns). James' daughter Amy Maine (Marie Westbrook) and Kelly Wade (Michelle Glavan) are nurses in Titanic II ship, making its maiden voyage 100 years after the first Titanic voyage. Millionaire playboy Hayden Walsh (Shane Van Dyke, grandson of Dick Van Dyke.) is the owner of the ship and he is Amy's old boyfriend. Captain Howard (D.C. Douglas) is certain that the modernized ship will do just well. 
Titanic II
Marie Westbrook and Michelle Glavan
Amy Maine and Kelly Wade
Shane Van Dyke
Hayden Walsh
Global warming causes glacier to collapse and cause a huge Tsunami wave. James and Kim issue a warning about fast moving ice. Titanic II starts taking precautions. The ship's engines are not yet fully tested. Passengers are panicking and iceberg hits the ship. It seems that history is repeating itself. Evacuation begins but there is also a Mega-Tsunami coming to finish the ship.
Passengers of the ship
D.C. Douglas
Captain Howard
Brooke Burns and Bruce Davison
Kim Patterson and James Maine
The effects are above average Asylum level, the ship and glaciers look good (TV-level good) at many scenes. The movie is seriously made low budget disaster film without usual ironic Asylum winks. The movie also has some dramatic moments. Of course there are goofy moments and Amy's nursing solutions are quite weird.
Ship on the sea
Wittly Jourdan as radio operator
Westbrook's Amy is the heroic dame Van Dyke's Playboy Hayden turns out to be a heroic dude after all. Most experienced actor here is Bruce Davison, and also Brooke Burns does okay. The extras act silly but at least the making of documentary shows that they had fun. If you can get past the movie's silly setting, budget limitations (and things like concrete hallways in a ship), it is an acceptable ship wreck adventure. 
Shane Van Dyke and Marie Westbrook
Hayden and Amy try to survive
Going down
Rating: Good (as a low budget Asylum film) Bad (if you were expecting a sequel to Cameron's Titanic)

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