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Movie Review: White Ghost

White Ghost 
Starring: William Katt, Rosalind Chao, Martin Hewitt, Wayne Crawford, Reb Brown, Raymond Ma, Karl Johnson, Frank Notaro, Graham Clarke, Oliver Ngwenya, Brian O'Shaughnessy, Len Sparrowhawk, Joe Stewardson, Robert Haber, Richard Cox, Anthony Labia, Maureen Lahoud, Malcolm Chang, William Fay, Hayley Dorskey, Robert La Thom 
Director: B.J. Davis 
Gibraltar Entertainment, Image Organization, Trans World Entertainment (TWE), White Ghost Productions, USA, Zimbabwe, 1988.
White Ghost  title
In 1972 Lt. Steve Shepard (William Katt) disappears in Vietnam. 15 years later he is still there hiding from soldiers. He collects the dog tags of fallen American soldiers, bringing him a reputation as White Ghost. His pregnant girlfriend Thi Hau (Rosalind Chao) suggest that they should try to get to USA because it is not safe anymore. They send a radio message to US officials. 
Rosalind Chao and William Katt
Thi and Shepard
Reb Brown
Major Cross
Wayne Crawford)
Captain Walker
As USA can not sent official troops they send mercenaries led by Captain Walker (Wayne Crawford). Meanwhile Walker is in Central-America doing some brutal black operations. Walker and his team are send to bring back Shepard. Walker's team are as follows: 

Skinner (Frank Notaro)  who looks like Stallone.

Brownie (Karl Johnson) who looks like bald Jesse Ventura

AJ (Oliver Ngwenya) Afro-American guy

Doc (Graham Clarke) Blonde guy

Waco (Martin Hewitt) The Kid

McGuire (??) Irish looking guy

Major Cross (Reb Brown) however notices that they should not have sent Walker. Walker wants to kill Shepard. Major Cross goes himself to Vietnam to save Shepard. Shepard's girlfriend is captured and taken to prison camp led by evil Camp Commander (Raymond Ma). The prisoners are brutally tortured. Meanwhile Walker uses booby traps to fight both the mercenaries and Vietnamese. At night he also puts on some corpse paint to look like a real ghost.
In jungle
White Ghost with corpse paint
Welcome to camp
White Ghost is a tough and bloody "Rambo II" style Namsploitation flick that makes "Missing in Action" seem tame in comparison. Usual things presents in jungle war flims are present, lots of exploding guard towers and huts, bamboo spike traps, hundreds of enemies to mow down and a chase to rescue helicopter. Plenty of action for action fans.
Raymond Ma as Camp Commander
Lots and lots of enemies
Reb Brown
Maj. Cross in action
Rating: Good

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