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Movie Review: Rallybrudar

Rallybrudar (Finnish title: Rallisiskot)
Starring: Eva Röse, Marie Robertson, Janne "Loffe" Carlsson, Björn Bengtsson, Walter Ferrero, Per Graffman, Johan Hedenberg, Maria Lundqvist, Jesper Malm, Claes Malmberg, Jens Nyqvist, Robert P. Olsson, Philip Panov, Lena Strömdahl
Director: Lena Koppel
GF Studios AB, Svensk Filmindustri, Sweden, 2008.
Rallybrudar title
In North Värmland mid 1960s Ulla Nilsson (Eva Röse) gets a job as a veterinarian Krook's (Per Graffman) assistant inseminating cows (which is depicted quite realistically, ewww). Her greatest dream is to be a rally driver. She practises by speeding between the farms. She has a car mechanic/musician boyfriend Kenta (Björn Bengtsson) who plays at the local band. Roffe's (Claes Malmberg) band consists mostly of the film's characters.
Eva Röse
Björn Bengtsson
Claes Malmberg
Farmers daughter Birgitta (Marie Robertson) has to temporarily replace his father Sven (Johan Hedenberg) who hurt his hand. Birgitta dislikes farm jobs and especially working with cows. Arne (Jesper Malm) tries to make impression on Birgitta, Sven wants them to be married. Birgitta has no interest for farm life, she is a misunderstood artist and wants to go to France.
Roffes med Eivor
Marie Robertson
Most of the villagers think that women should not drive rally. Ulla wants to prove them wrong. Local reporter Melin (Janne Carlsson) persuades Ulla to participate in rally contests. Finding a good navigator from the village is hard. There is village's street-racing greaser gang. Ulla has to settle for raunchy greaser Jerry (Philip Panov). They win a local rally thanks to her knowledge of the local roads but Ulla needs a better navigator. She asks Birgitta who is told to be good at orienteering. However Birgitta gets easily motion sick. What motivates Birgitta is a chance to get to Paris, if they are eligible to attend the Monte Carlo Rally.
Janne Carlsson
Reporter Melin
Eva Röse and Philip Panov
Ulla and Jerry win
Marie Robertson and Eva Röse
Birgitta and Ulla training
After some small town drama the rally girls get support from singer Eivor (Maria Lundqvist). They get a sponsorship from Citroën. However their misfortunes have not ended. Also Ulla's relationship with Kenta is cooling off. With their friends the rally girls have to overcome all kinds of obstacles to attend the most important race.
Marie Robertson and Eva Röse
Brigitta and Ulla posing
Maria Lundqvist
Eivor (middle) helps the rally girls
The movie is a nice countryside drama comedy with plenty of vintage cars. The rally cars used by Ulla are Volvo PV544, Citroën DS and pink Volvo Amazon. The 60s style pop music is mainly performed by band of the movie "Roffes med Eivor". In the beginning there are some wrong era product placements that stick out like a sore thumb. The characters of the movie are likeable small town folk, except for one character (not Jerry) who is revealed to be a total sleazebag.
Pink Volvo Amazon
Rating: Good

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